Endangered wolves in Canada

Dao-Betty and Vicky

The issue

Hi, this is Betty and Vicky. Our topic is endangered wolves in Canada. In our flyer, we are talking about 2 kinds of wolves, red wolves and gray wolves.

What do the wolves eat?

Most of the food that wolves eat are deer, caribou, moose, elk and wild sheep.
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How long are the Red Wolves?

From nose to tail tip, red wolves are about 4 feet(1.2 meters) long.They usually weigh about 60 pounds(27 kilograms).
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Where do the gray wolves live in?

Most of the gray wolves live in North America and Asia.
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What can the federal government do to save the Endangered wolves?

The federal government can tell the killer to don't kill the Endangered wolves.
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How many are the Gray wolves in Canada?

They are about 50,000 gray wolves live in Canada.

Why this issue is important to me?

This topic is important to me because I like animals so I don't want them to be killed.