Best Foot Foward Bulletin

Fair Park 4th Grade: Week 6

Walk Your Child to School Day

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 7:30am

Riverside Park, West Bend, WI, United States

West Bend, WI

Walk begins at Riverside Park and ends at Fair Park Elementary.


The comprehension reading strategy is to identify sequence of events and the metacognitive strategy is to determine importance while reading text. All fourth graders have practiced writing an ESP (8 sentence paragraph). We are also reading, analyzing, and soon to be writing personal narratives. If your child wants a break from reading a book, is a great website for your students to read current events.

Spelling: Long and Short i Patterns

kitchen, window, mystery, symptom, highway, tonight, delight, crystal

Eureka Math (Mr. Sternig & Mrs. Riffel)

Moving away from special strategies for addition, students develop fluency with the standard addition algorithm (4.NBT.4). Students compose larger units to add like base ten units, such as composing 10 hundreds to make 1 thousand and working across the numbers unit by unit (ones with ones, thousands with thousands). Recording of regrouping occurs on the line under the addends as shown to the right. For example, in the ones column, students do not record the 0 in the ones column and the 1 above the tens column, instead students record 10, writing the 1 under the tens column and then a 0 in the ones column. They practice and apply the algorithm within the context of word problems and assess the reasonableness of their answers using rounding (4.OA.3). When using tape diagrams to model word problems, students use a variable to represent the unknown quantity.

Bridges Math (Mrs. Anderson)

In Module 2 we will continue to practice multiplication strategies that we learned the first few weeks of school as we move into learning about Prime and Composite numbers. We will be learning about factors, factor pairs, and multiples by creating tile arrays and area models.

Please continue to practice multiplication facts with your child at home. Knowing the facts accurately is critical to solving math equations efficiently. Flashcards, apps, and websites are all great ways to practice. Two great websites are: or

Social Studies/ Science

Wisconsin Our Home: the focus will be on locating Wisconsin in relation to its regional, national, continental, and hemispherical boundaries. Comparing the locations of places on a map using directions (north, southwest, east, etc.) will also be discussed. Students will be locating the states and rivers that border Wisconsin as well.

Earth Materials: the focus consists of four sequential investigations dealing with observable characteristics of solid materials from the earth -- rocks and minerals. The focus is on taking materials apart to find what they are made of and putting materials together to better understand their properties. The module introduces fundamental concepts in earth science and takes advantage of the students' intrinsic interest in the subject matter and in the physical world around them.