massachsetts bay colony

by Chris Greathouse and Jaylin Anderson

when the colony began

John Winthrop was the one who found our colony and more at Massachusetts bay discovered our colony. John Winthrop was the first governor in Massachusetts bay he died at the age of 1649.

Year it was found

Massachusetts was found on 1663 Febuary 6

What region was the colony

Massachusetts region is New England

Why was it founded

Massachusetts was founded by the pertains that came to Massachusetts because they wanted religious freedom.

Economic resources

Water,wildlife,forest, and land

What's the geography climate

The Common wealth of Massachusetts occupied 8,257 square miles and about 1/8 of New England’s total land area. Almost abouthalf of the State is forestland. Its north south width is approximately 50 miles, except 100 miles in the eastern, Atlantic coast, portion. Massachusetts has rainfalls between inches 40 and 48 inches and average snow fall of 43.3 in (110.0 cm) in state’s capital, Boston.