Meeting Minutes: Freshman Academy

Team Meeting Dec. 4th, 2015

Professional Development Days

The Team continues our professional development and will be out of the building on December 18th to work with our Curriculum Coordinator. Focus areas will be assessment practices along with scoring consistently with the four-point scale. In addition, Empower progress reports will be polished so that the next round of reports going home will be generated from Empower. Empower

Upcoming Events

Dates to Remember~

Linda presents to the School Board for the monthly pilot team update next Tuesday Dec. 8th-

Progress Reports go out December 11th-

December 23rd will be a different schedule due to our Holiday Extravaganza! Go Joe and Dave!

Mrs. Gagnon will continue her rotation of Drug & Alcohol review- Dec 8th will be Mr. McDonald's Crew, Dec. 15th will be in Ms. Lynch's Crew, Jan. 5th will be Mr. Cilley, Jan. 12th, Mrs. Blais, Jan. 26th Mrs. Deuell- Clark! When is your date??

Honors Level Courses in Freshman Academy~

All Freshman Academy courses have an "Honors" option- students need to earn a "3" on 50% of the course summatives, in addition to earning a minimum of 2.5 on the "Honors" Learning Goals. As a result of having Empower, students can remain with their regularly scheduled class group- they can work toward honors while others work on grade level.

Class Officer Leadership Team

Rick met with the class officers to establish a plan for communication. Zach Ennis, Rosie Newell, Skylar Reulke, Morgan Ferguson, and Michael Marrone are the student council members who represent their class.

Discussions revolved around deadlines for Summatives- as this has been a concern for many of the Freshmen. A two week window has been set after the due date-

We hope to have Zach Ennis (as the class president) generate the email to class stating the new policy about DEADLINES! Grassroots effort is the way to go on this...

Finals Week will be Different for Freshmen-

Finals Week will be a combination of "Aviation Seminars" for our Expedition and exams that will be taken in Unified Arts classes-

Dave McDonald has been working hard to arrange our key note speaker for the kick off of our "Aviation Expedition"- the plan is to have an interdisciplinary approach to aviation- when during each course, students will be exposed to content related to aviation-

We will also be constructing mini-versions of objects that can fly to get the students thinking about the final expo in June- thinking about gliders, kites, flying saucers, balloons, propellers- and we're always open to ideas!

For some light reading :) check out King's website for all of the Expeditions they had done- impressive!