Web 2.0

By: Haley Schweitzer


Fotobabble is an app where you can record your voice and add a picture in the background. You can even use effects on the picture like color, frame, sharp or not, and stickers! Fotobabble is a great app to use


On Symbaloo you can put all of your favorite sites in your page and when you want to go to a site instead of typing the site in just go to symbaloo and click on the site. You to know what site it on your symbaloo just take a screen shot of the site and put it in.

More sites


This site is where you can create an advertisement. You can choose what you want the page to look like, font, color, and you can add a picture of you in the background. You can even make it a movie trailer! You can put on one of those rating things that are found on movie boxes. You can also put a picture of an animal and put a caption under it telling about the picture.


Blabberize is a fun site. You can choose a picture of a person, object, or animal of the internet and make it talk! First choose a picture, click blabberize, put the circle on the spot where you want it to talk, and finally record your voice in it.