A Christmas Carol

By Jilly Pearson

Why you should read it

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is a heart warming classic that uses life lessons, background knowledge, and most of all sacrifice to create a story that's both unique and worth sharing. The first and foremost reason I think someone should read A Christmas Carol is because of the life lesson is offers on how to treat others. This book really made me think about how me treating others well ,or vise versa ,can effect my future. For example when Scrooge sees his future it shows how little people care for him after he has died ,because of the horrid way he treated them when alive. An additional reason for someone to read this is because of how, unlike in many books, it shows the background of Scrooge. This helps make the book more interesting and understandable because it helps you know why Scrooge acts the way he acts. The final reason I find this book a fascinating and unique read because of the eye opening sacrifices Scrooge makes in the final stave in the book. Many of these sacrifices include Scrooge giving money to the poor and needy I had previously denied. Another sacrifice Scrooge made was when he apologized to Fred even though it might have been embarrassing. Over all the many life lessons, use of the ghost of Christmas past, and all the sacrifices Scrooge makes really make A Christmas Carol an essential part of anybody's childhood learning experience.


One of the biggest sacrifices Scrooge made was when he went to Fred's house and excepted an invitation for Christmas dinner that had been previously given. This is a sacrifice because it was probably embarrassing to go and apologize to someone he had, only a day before, been so mean to.
Scrooge - The Morning After The Ghosts - famous scene from the classic movie A Christmas Carol