Huffman Update 11/8

November 8, 2020

The Huffman Commitment

We will work with every student, staff member, and family to develop and maintain a safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning community. We are committed to continuously improving our professional practices and take responsibility for the academic, social, and emotional growth of every student. We believe all people can grow in a positive direction.

Principal's Note

Dear Huffman Families,

Following the superintendent's announcement to postpone the return of students to the building, I wanted to take a moment to check in.

I am incredibly proud of the Huffman staff and our preparation to bring students back into the building. When we are able to bring students back safely, we are ready. I know this is a contentious issue with strong feelings on all sides. We will continue to share information and plans transparently as we move forward and we will work with families to make online learning as effective as possible. We trust you as parents and guardians and respect the decisions you make on behalf of your children.

I have already communicated with staff and we will refocus our efforts this week on improving online learning for students. We will continue to offer small group support in the afternoons to students who may be struggling. I know the uncertainty is difficult on families and I know online learning poses greater challenges for our younger students in particular. If you are concerned about your student's progress, please reach out to your teacher to discuss options for extra support. If I can support your family in any way, I will do everything in my power to do so.

Please reach out with any questions. During these difficult times, I am proud to serve our Huffman community.

All the best, Chris