Glenview Library Letter

March 31, 2014

HMH Think Central - Journeys

Think Central is the online resource that accompanies the Journeys reading series. I went to a training a few weeks ago to learn more about Think Central. The district is wanting librarians to be the resource for it at each school.

Think Central website:

Select “Tennessee”, “Metro Nashville….” and your school and enter your credentials.

Please go ahead and try logging in and take a look around. Your username should already have been emailed to you, but if you don't have it just let me know and I can look it up. In most cases the username is the first letter of your first name, and then your last name. Passwords are simply "Password" unless you have already logged in and changed it.

Check out for more information.

Click on this link to view a tutorial on how to set up your class in Think Central.

Let me know if you need any help or have questions!

Get Caught Reading

I would like to create a display around the library doors of photos of students "found" or "caught" reading. If you have any photo opportunities in your classroom, please take a quick snapshot and email it to me. Camera or cell phone photos are fine. I will be on the look out as well! Thank you!

School Library Month

More information coming very soon!

National Poetry Month

More information coming very soon!

The Dewey Club

Congratulations to the first two members of the Dewey Club! They are pictured below, along with a drawing of Mr. Dewey himself.

Please tell your class about the Dewey Club. Any interested students can pick up a booklet any time they come to the library to check out books.

Library Cards and New Students

Library Cards:

We cannot check books out to students without a library card. Please encourage students to be responsible for them. If a student is missing a library card, please email Mara and let her know. Thank you!

New Students:

When new students enroll at Glenview, Mara and I receive an email from the office, so there is no need to let us know that you have a new student. As soon as the student has an ID number and is in PowerSchool, Mara can pull the student's information into the library database. It may take a few days, but we will put new student cards in your mailboxes as soon as we can. Thanks!

Reading Bingo

Reading Bingo folders and information will be in your mailbox on Tuesday. Please tell your students about it!

Accelerated Reader Website

Here is the link to our Accelerated Reader (AR) website:

Wonderful Website: Educator Page

Poetry Foundation Children's Page

Big image

Quote of the Week

"Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood."

-T. S. Eliot

Glenview Library Resources... more than just books!

Items available for teachers:

Professional Collection-- located in the Conference Room near the library doors

-some new books were added recently....check them out!

Cart with class set of net books to check out for use in your classroom

Playaways (audiobooks)-- on Playaway display rack

Big Books-- located in the Library Office/Workroom

DVDs and VHS-- located in the Library Office/Workroom

Books on tape-- located in the Library Office/Workroom

Glenview Library Website

With information for students, teachers, and parents.

Glenview Library Schedule

Click here for the most up-to-date version of the library schedule.

Glenview Library OPAC

Click here to view the online library catalog.