Causes of the American Revolution

Sydney Ramsey 10-9-15 1st prd.

Proclamation 1763

The king did not allow the Colonists to move to the Ohio River Valley because he didn't want another expensive war. The proclamation stopped the French and Indian War so then they knew whose side was whose.

Stamp Act 1765

The Stamp Act made people pay taxes on paper, and they would burn the paper in the streets (sons of liberty) because they were mad. They made people by paper from Britain to show that they had paid tax.

The Townsend Act of 1767

These acts placed duties on glass, lead, paints, paper and tea. This allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods. It took power away from the colonial government. They also took away some of the freedoms from the colonists. EX. It gave British the official rights to search all of the colonists houses and businesses.
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The Boston Massacre 1770

It was a street fight that happened on March, 5 between a patriot mob throwing snowballs, stones, sticks, and a squad of British solders. There was a lot of Propaganda involved and 5 people had died.
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Tea Act 1773

It's principle objective was to reduce the massive surplus of tea held by the British East India company in London warehouses and help the company survive. The colonists from Philadelphia and New York, turned the Tea ships back to Britain.
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The Boston Tea party 1773

Indians filled buckets of tea and then they dumped the tea out of the boat and there was tea every where in the ocean and then they made the Townshend act which led to them keeping taxes on tea till they get paid back.
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The Intolerable act 1774

They passed laws that were not good .The Boston harbor was closed until they paid for the tea. They were meant to punish the Massachusetts colonists. They got there name because they felt there was no need for unfair laws.
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Lexington and Concord 1774

This was the shot heard around the world that got the American Revolution started. The British army left Boston to go capture rebel leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock. Also to destroy the Americans store of ammunition and weapons.
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