Save the Date

for the TCEA Mindstorms Robotics Challenge 2014-2015

A Day of Team Problem Solving and Game Challenge

TCEA has provided you access to a test farm facility, with “regular” food growing areas and “Super Food Pods” that their researchers have developed to grow food quickly (almost instantly). TCEA would like for you to help develop a low-cost robotics platform to bring water to the “regular” food growing areas, manage the Food Pod units in the super-fertile areas of the farm, grow the experimental food, and harvest the grown food.

Robotics Competition Readiness Field Trip

I received information regarding a robotics workshop sponsored by Mr. Feighny (robotics teacher) from Career Center East in early November. I thought our fifth grade students would really enjoy this experience. Mrs. Spitzer agreed to pay for a bus and allow our kids to go. HOWEVER, while reading more detailed information, there is a "catch".

In order for our students to take part in this opportunity at CCE on December 11th, they have to also register for the TCEA Robotics Challenge. Although the competition is on a Saturday, and in Mansfield, I believe this opportunity is invaluable to our students! The added bonus is that it won't cost your family anything. Mrs. Spitzer has agreed to pay for all the materials and registration fees for the competition.

Due to time constraints and late information, our four teams (ALL fifth grade GT students) had to be registered for the competition by last Monday. I did not receive this information until yesterday, and I apologize I wasn't able to let you know the details beforehand. I really hope your personal schedules will allow for your kids to take advantage of this opportunity.


WHEN: Saturday, January 24th, at 8:00

WHERE: Mansfield Legacy High School, Mansfield, TX

For your convenience, and to help cultivate a collaborative environment, BB Owen will provide a bus to and from the competition on January 24th.

Intent to Participate

There is a RSVP button in this week's newsletter that will allow you to communicate your intentions with me. However, if you prefer to send a paper response, please complete the following page of this form, and have your child return it along with the field trip permission slip.


Name of student: ______________________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name: _______________________________________________________________________

_____ I intend to have my child participate in the TCEA Robotics Competition on January 24th.

_____ Sorry, our schedule will not allow for participation in the above competition.