Beacons Summer Workshop Information

Registration ends soon! Deadline: June 22, 2020

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LOOKING FOR WORKSHOPS THAT CAN BE DONE AT HOME? (No masks or driving needed! 😊)

Beacons is offering several "mini" summer exploration workshops that may be of interest for those at home! Each workshop is a total of 8 hours (2 hours a day, M - Th). Workshops will be delivered via Zoom and include:

  • ASL
  • Basic First Aid (kit included)
  • Crafts (kit included)
  • Dance & Movement
  • Food Handler's License
  • Painting (kit included)
  • iPhone Photography 1 & 2
  • Soft Skills for Work
  • Social Media and Tech Tool

SDRC consumers may be eligible for funding of at least 2 workshops. Please contact your service coordinator to determine your eligibility.

Beacons Vendor Information: #PY1700, Code: 102, Sub-code: Mini

Sign-up now while there's still time! Registration deadline is June 22!

For more details, please visit our Pathfinder Summer webpage.

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Registration is also open for our 16-week fall vocational workshops!

Two workforce development workshops will be offered:

1. Entrepreneurial Skills (for those who want to start or build a business); and

2. Customer Service Skills (for those who want to build their skills for community employment)

Workshops include:

  • Person-Driven planning and facilitated meetings;
  • Employer engagement through face-to-face meetings and interview support;
  • Hands-on learning;
  • Ongoing progress monitoring;
  • Extra instructional hours for those who need it at no charge;
  • Development of "forever" tools to help with job applications, accommodations and employment;
  • Soft skills development for pre- and post-hiring;
  • Website design for employment profiles or business development;
  • Low ratios of no more than 10:3 (trainee:instructor)
  • Job application support and interview training;
  • Assistive technology and adapted pacing to meet trainee's needs; and
  • more!


Please visit our Pathfinder Fall webpage (and review the application below) for more details!

FOR SDRC Consumers:

SDRC funding may be available for one workshop per session for eligible SDRC consumers who have exited the district with a high school with a diploma, aged out of their adult transition program, or whose needs are not being met by the educational system per the IPP team.

Please speak to your service coordinator if interested!

Beacons Vendor Information for the SDRC: #PY1700, Code: 102, Sub-code: Fall


Contact: or call Beacons at: 760-448-6230.

We offer "Tailored Day" services too!

One-to-one support driven by the individual's needs approximately 8 hours a week!