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Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

This week we have really started rockin' and rollin'! We have continued to get to know each other, worked on procedures and expectations, as well as began diving into learning! We learned about how to become a better reader and practiced building our reading stamina. Check out the pictures above!

We also learned how to pick a good-fit book using the I PICK system. Picking a good-fit book is like picking a great pair of shoes that fit really well. I brought my shoes in and all!

  • P is for Purpose (Each pair of shoes has a purpose. Slippers for comfy relaxing around the house. I certainly would not wear those to work! We also have a purpose when reading. It may be because we want to learn more about a subject or just to read for fun.)
  • I is for Interest (Just like I have soccer cleats because I love to play soccer and do not have ballet shoes because ballet is not something that interests me, we must choose books that also interest us or we won't end up reading them; just like we wouldn't end up wearing shoes that don't work for our interests. As a teacher, I know this is vital to getting students hooked on reading and helping develop a life-long love of reading. Our interests will change as time goes on and once they are hooked they will be more interested in exploring more on their own)
  • C is for Comprehension (My husband's much-too-big running shoes simply do not fit me. As the students saw me walk, we discussed how the shoes are like how a book can be too hard or one that we don't understand. They might be for the right purpose and interest but they don't fit and neither does a book that is too hard. We also discuss how we all have different size feet and how one person's shoes might not be a good fit for someone else...much like a good-fit book for one person might not be a good-fit for another person. This leads into K.)
  • K is for Know almost all of the words on the page (just like picking a book you can understand, you also need to know most of the words on the page. However, we should not know all of the words on the page. If we know all of the words, this tells us that the book is too easy for us. We want to know what is going on in the book, but also learn new words as we read. Ideally, we want to learn 1-3 new words on a page, depending on the type of book, and fully understand what is going on in the story.)

Then we picked good-fit books on our own and with help during our I PICK Picnic. Students browsed for good-fit books using the I PICK system and got an appetite by reading the first few pages to see they were good-fit books for them. Students then chose which good-fit books they would like to read first and added those books to their list, put them in their book box, and checked them off. Then they added to their list what they would like to read after they demolish those books, their "dessert books". Check out our PICKing and devouring of books below!


Thanks to everyone who was able to attend Back to School Night! If you were unable to attend, I have posted the slideshow on our class website under "Resources and Links," but please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have! I am happy to answer them!

Next on tour: Upcoming Events

  • 08/25- Spelling Pre-test
  • 08/27- Back to School Night for Middle School Students (on Pebblewood Campus)
  • 08/29- First Homework Packet Due
  • 08/29- Spelling Test
  • 09/04- WAVE Meeting 6:30pm on DP Campus in Room W3
  • 09/12- Crazy Hair Day
  • 09/25- Picture Day
  • 09/27- Fall Festival (Del Paso Campus 2:00-6:00pm)
  • 10/02- WAVE Meeting

Rockin' and Rollin' into Next Week!

Math: Addition and subtraction basics

Reading: Reading to someone in Reading Workshop

Writing: How writers get ideas of what to write about and develop their seed ideas and jots

Grammar: Nouns, adjectives, sentences

Conventions: Capitalizing, periods, and question marks

Social Studies: Mapping

Spelling: 100% Words

Math Monday Problem

Don't forget to all see Mrs. Battin's Math Monday Problem! Answer the problem and turn it in before school on Monday Morning near where you are dropped-off or where we line-up near our number.

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