Desert Kingdom

Come visit the funnest place in the world \

Have the ride of your life

You will experience the most exciting moment, riding a camel!. This ride will be the best one you ever had. You will experienced how to ride a camel and learn about how they live and survive in the hot desert. Come on hop on.

Come to our shop where you'll be freezing cold!!

Our shop contains the coolest, fine, delicious ice cream.! Since your going to be in a hot warm place, your not going to feel the cool of it. Plus the ice cream we sell is no joke! We have settled the world record of the most biggest delicious ice cream you'll ever see or taste. So come on now and try it. I'm telling you is worth it!


here at Desert Kingdom we have a small diner for you to relax. We have food, fresh beverages, and animal food. Also we have a nice view of the desert. So you can enjoy your food and the fine view.