Little School News

February 2023

In Celebration of Black History Month

At Little School, we enjoy exploring and learning about the world. February is Black History Month and we wanted to share some resources for learning about Black History Month with young children.

Little School Bags

Unfortunately, over the years we have noticed a decline in the quality of bags we order for our Little Schoolers. We have tried a variety of bags from a variety of vendors and just cannot find the right bag. We know that many of the bags are tearing, and if that is the case, please bring a bag or backpack from home. We apologize for the inconvenience. We find that things are just not made the way they used to be.

Upcoming Events

February 6th-11th Book Fair starts (See below for times)

February 11th: Dad's Saturday (see below for information)

February 13th and 14th: Valentine's Day Parties

February 20th: No School

Stock the Staff Lounge

From the Little School Advisory Board:

Hello Little School Parents! We'd like to Stock the Staff Lounge with some goodies through the end of the year. Each month we will provide 2 savory snacks, 2 sweet snacks, and 2 beverages for the staff to grab if they need a little something to get them through the day. For each slot, we are looking for 30 - 50 individually wrapped items. Examples: granola bars, individual bags of popcorn, packs of trail mix, boxes of cookies, a case of soda or sparkling water, etc. If you and your family are able to sign up for one of the slots over the next 4 months, that would be wonderful! Please note that if your child is not in school on Mondays (per the sign up), you can drop off on Tuesday when you drop your kiddo off at school. If you can help out, please sign-up using the link below.

Thank you very much,

The Little School Advisory Board.

Scholastic Book Fair!

The Scholastic Book Fair is one of our major fundraisers and events of the year. The book fair starts Monday, February 6th. It will be set-up through Dad's Saturday, February 11th as well. The book fair is open on Monday from 1:00pm-1:30pm, and Tuesday-Friday 9:00am-9:30am and 1:00-1:30pm. If you want to shop in the morning or after school, please have your child's teacher let you in through your drop-off door. The book fair will be set-up downstairs. On Saturday the book fair will be open from 9:00am-12:00pm during Dad's Saturday. Please enter through the north preschool door. There are really great Valentine's gifts and lots of books for all ages.

Dad's Saturday

Dad's Saturday is coming up on February 11th! If a child's dad is not able to come with them, any special adult can bring the student. Sometimes we get grandpas, moms, uncles, aunts, or grandmas that bring children to Dad's Saturday. Anyone is welcome! We just ask that just one adult accompanies each child because our rooms cannot hold that many people at once.

If your child attends school on M/W, M/W/F, or M-F you will go to your child's classroom at 9:30 to do a craft and have special time in the classroom. You can shop at the book fair before this at 9:00am or after this at 10:15am.

If your child attends school on T/Th, T/Th/F, or M-Th, you will go to your child's classroom at 10:30am to do a craft and have special time in the classroom. You may shop the book fair before this anytime after 9:00am, or after this until noon.

We cannot wait for this fun Saturday morning event!

Music Class News

With great excitement, we will start and end this month with music theory. We will be learning to keep a beat and how to read quarter notes and quarter rests. Ask your children to share the dirty face quarter note story with you.

The second week we will be exploring rhythm instruments and starting valentines songs and poems together. Next we will embark on a fun set of train songs and activities. We will make our way around our classroom train track and also record the children singing “Choo, Choo the Big Train.” Listening to your recorded voice is always fun!

We will also learn and sing about fire safety and find safety signs around the room. The end of February will take us through more advanced theory concepts and music dynamics.

Remember: Those who wish to sing, always find a song! Happy Valentines Day!

Ms. Laura, Ms. Sheri, Ms. Jana

St. Luke's United Methodist Church Events

St. Luke's UMC invites you to join us on Sundays for worship at 9:30am and 11am.

Sunday School for children is offered at 9:30am every Sunday.

February 18th 9:00am-12:00pm: Parent's Morning Out. RSVP to Cost is $30 per family or $25 for a single child.

February 21st: Fat Tuesday pancake dinner in the Fellowship Hall. Flier coming home soon.

February 22nd at 7:00pm: Ash Wednesday services for children and adults. Join us for a special Ash Wednesday service as we kick off Lent for a special experiential service just for kids.