Haunted House for sale!!

Only $5,000,000

Simple Info

This very creepy house has a five star rating for creepiness. It sleeps forty people, ghouls, and monsters. There are ten bathrooms. You will love this rickety old house.

For Sale Now: $5,000,000


This haunted house will knock your pants off. It has a rating of five stars on V.R.S.H (very rickety and scary houses) and people on facebook say it is the creepiest house ever. It has a disgusting pool, a dungeon full of demons torturing innocent people, a dining room full of angry spirits, a library full of ghouls and dracula librarians to help you, boogieman butlers and monster maids, complete with 20 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms (with water spirits in the toilet and the sink). And during the night, a creepy clown will walk across the floor boards to scare you! You will love this creepy old mansion. Hope you have fun!

This house has 100% guarantee of being awesomely spooky!

Photos of the Awesome Rickety and Great Haunted House (ARGHH! for short)


Pay by Friday the 13, or else...