Travel to South Carolina

By: Christopher Nelson


  • People would want to visit SC because of the history.

  • It was one of the thirteen original colonies so it has a lot of history.

  • It was one of the main reasons of the Civil War.


  • SC is a good place to take a vacation.

  • SC has beautiful beaches and mountains.

  • Vacations in SC are very affordable so many people can enjoy it.


  • SC has a humid subtropical climate.

  • On average between 40 and 80 inches of precipitation falls each year.

  • Coastal areas of the state have mild winters.


  • SC has parks with lots of wildlife.

  • SC is home to many wildlife habitats.

  • Loggerhead sea turtles nest in SC state parks every summer.


  • SC is home to lots of culture

  • It has the Gullah.

  • It has many kinds of music.

  • There are many different types of people in SC.