Mindful Seeing

Mindful seeing means...

Mindful seeing is the ability to look closely at things like people, surroundings and ourselves.

What is your Brain Doing?

Watch this video to see what your brain is doing...
Mind in a Jar - Planting Seeds: The Power of Mindfulness for Children MOVIE!

Why is it Important?

Mindful seeing is important because it helps people sharpen their focus. Mindful seeing also helps people to learn better because people are slowing down, focusing and paying attention to details.

Personal Experiences

In my classroom my teacher made an expression using her face and body. After that we had to guess how she was feeling. Mindful seeing helped us guess her expression. For example, if someone is sad I can use mindful seeing to help the person in need.


Zachary, Zaid, Anooshah and Aiza