Alcoholics outlaw!

If you drink you will be clinked.

Alcohol is hard on the body

Your eyes get fuzzy and It will be hard to adjust to lights. Distinguishing sounds or telling witch direction they are coming from will be harder. You will tend to get more lung infections. You will be more pron to pneumonia and suffer from collapsed lungs. Kidney failure is bound to happen and they will produce more urine. If you drink wile your brain is still growing it will decrease the process. Your speech will become slower and alcohol will reduce you scene of taste and smell. After getting drunk and you throw up it can even tear your esophagus.

Not so pretty

When intoxicated your eyes may get red.Your face can get flushed and warm wile the long term drinking will increase your acne. Cracked lips, broken veins, puffy skin, who wants to go out with that?

Vehicular Homicide

If you end a life by driving recklessly wile under the influence of alcohol you WILL go to JAIL. You should always have a designated driver. Alcohol-related car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens. Most drunk drivers can't tell when they are too drunk to drive safely.
How alcohol affects the body long term