Spearman ISD Technology Proposal

Technology with Purpose

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Board of Trustees District Goals for 2013-15

#1. Increase and Improve student and staff use of technology thru instructional integration of 21st Century skills and providing the necessary professional and academic support.

2. Invest in the improvement of College and Career Readiness Standards and Initiatives for the preparation of all students.

3. Improve District Facilities and procedures in all areas of Security and Campus Safety

4. Improve and plan for Facilities/Staffing/Investments due to student growth, graduation requirements, and Local and State economic needs in Academic and Career Technology Education programs

5. Improve District and Campus working environments by creating a positive, safe, and nurturing atmosphere where students want to learn and employees want to work, which is conducive to our Commitment to Excellence


1. Meet the needs of each campus as assessed by building administration and myself.

2. Honor the integrity of the Instructional Technology Grant Program.

3. Coordinate purchases with Proclamation 14 (Instructional Material Adoption).

Here is a Little Background

A. Instructional Technology Team-

An IT Team was put together consisting of Alexis Beck, Kim Anderson, Jana Knowlton, and Dixie Smith. The goal of the IT Team was to research technology options for their campus and pilot the devices implementation and evaluate how it worked with our infrastructure and it's effectiveness as a student device for collaboration and production.

1. Three members attended ISTE back in June and after attending PD sessions and holding many discussions regarding the needs of their classroom and what they wanted their students to be able to do, each team member selected Chromebooks to pilot.


Knowlton Beck Interview
B. Instructional Technology Grant Program-


17 teachers signed up for the IT Grant program which was aimed at identifying teachers with initiative and providing professional development in the area of instructional technology, including integrating media, Google drive, digital story books, digital response system, computer programs, etc...

1. Teachers were able to choose from 4 levels, each level requiring a differing number of PD hours and presentation requirements in order to earn funding for their technology purchases. Teachers were also urged to find non-district PD to meet their needs as well.

2. Training was offered on campus via Modules I created and provided through my website. I offered individual support as needed and campus training's as appropriate.

3. Members of the program are required to present information they've learned via the Program or on their own to their staff. This in an ongoing process and all will present during the August Spearman Conference.



1. Improve access to web-based resources for all.

2. Support the IT Grant participants........provide for the WILLING!

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1. Support differentiation efforts of Mrs. Curry for next school year.

2. Improve access to web-based resources for all.

3. Support the IT Grant participants.....provide for the WILLING!

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1. Support and coordinate technology integration with Proclamation 14.

2. Support the IT Grant participants.....provide for the WILLING!

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1. Replace existing devices reallocated to the elementary with more functional devices and improve access for all.

2. Support and coordinate technology integration with Proclamation 14.

3. Support the IT Grant participants.....provide for the WILLING!


Revamp our current infrastructure to meet the continual demands for integrating technology.
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Professional Development & Support

In order for this integration to be a success we will provide relevant and focused PD on devices being utilized.

a. Offer summer PD to allow time for teachers to get familiar with devices and begin brainstorming for lesson plans.

b. Bring in iPad and Google specialty trainers for August PD to model proper pedagogy for blended learning and provide ideas for integration relevant to our needs.

c. Reinforce what the trainers provide during Spearman Conference and throughout the year.