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February, 2016


Things I love: my family. Reading. The beach. Basketball. My dog. Tomato soup. My profession. CONVERSATION HEARTS! Oreo Blizzards. Snow (notice I didn't say "blizzards.") MY LIFE.

A few short months ago, I could not say I "LOVED" my skin. I was using whatever was in my shower. Toner? No thanks. Moisturizer? Nah. Sunscreen? Banana Boat Sport. YIKES! I had a "tan" and thought I was glowing. Enter Rodan + Fields. Fast forward six months and today I can confidently say I LOVE MY SKIN! But, I tell you what, I love the confidence my clear skin has given me more!

Now that you love our products so much, you can share them with your family and friends too!


If you send me a friend or family member who signs up as a PREFERRED CUSTOMER, I will send you a FREE gift (ie, body moisturizer, sunless tanner, lip shields).

If you send me a friend or family member who signs up as a CONSULTANT, I will send you a FREE gift + a Multi Function Eye Cream (valued at $60).

And don't forget about your PERKS! Did you know that as a Preferred Customer, you:

  • Save, on average, $150/year?
  • Get 10% off on ALL R+F products?
  • Receive free shipping on all scheduled orders over $80?
  • Can receive a replenishment order every 60 days, but always have the option delay until you’re ready?
  • Have order flexibility? This means you can order what you need and try new items. You can always order extra if you’re looking for a great gift idea!
  • Can access the PC Perks Hotline or enhanced customer service just for our loyal customers?
  • Get exclusive promotions & special offers?

February Deal: AMP MD Roller

Want to really love your skin? Have you hit a flow in your regimen and want to AMP IT UP in one minute a night!? Buy this roller. You will not regret it. This can be added to the Redefine, Reverse, and Unblemish* regimens. It is not recommended for sensitive skin.

"The AMP MD System utilizes micro-exfoliation roller technology for visibly advanced skin-firming benefits. Based on clinical studies of the REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System, smoother, softer skin can be experienced after just one use. This AMP MD System is clinically proven to help skin appear firmer and make lines and wrinkles less noticeable for a more luminous and refined appearance."

When you purchase a roller with a regimen, you save 20%. Get any of the below for an extra 10% off PC Price!

*Unblemish regimen CAN be used with the AMP it UP system, as long as you are not experiencing active breakouts.

This is how I ROLL!

This is a silly little Snapchat I made to show the AMP MD roller in action! Only Steps 1-3 are in the video. I apologize for the technical difficulty!

  • Step 1. Use the Redefine Cleansing Mask. Rinse.
  • Step 2. Apply toner.
  • Step 3. Roll! For one minute. Up, down, left, right, diagonally. Don't forget your lips!!!
  • Step 4. Break open an blue Night Serum tablet and rub all over face. Open a silver capsule and apply some lip serum.
  • Step 5. Eye cream. You need the eye cream.
  • Step 6. Apply PM cream.
  • Love your skin!

They see me rollin'!

Product Highlight: Lip Serum and Eye Cream


Each peptide and antioxidant-rick capsule helps lips retain natural moisturizing factors, visibly smooths lip texture, and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles. Want to plump your lips?! AMP it up with the roller, then apply some of this serum. You can thank me later! PC's get this for $49!
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Reduce puffiness, eliminate crow's feet, and brighten up dark circles. This is AH-MAZING. I can't live without this wonder product. PC's get this for $54!
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Business Presentation

Are you loving your products? Do you want to get paid for washing your face? Join us for cocktails and conversation on February 18. If you know someone that would be interested in the amazing opportunity, please feel free to bring them along! Send me an email or a text if you can make it. Decide today how tomorrow looks.
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New Team Member Michelle Rudnick talks about WHY she joined Rodan + Fields

"Initially, when I signed up to be a consultant, I was thinking about making some extra money that I could put away into my daughter's college fund. Since my husband and I both have good full time jobs, we were ok for covering the day to day expenses, but we've found it hard to dedicate extra money (or maybe just remember to do so!) to our daughter's college fund account. I figured Rodan + Fields would be a perfect way to have an extra source of income that was dedicated to my daughter's future."

"Now that I'm a month and half in and I've listened to a number of training calls and watched videos and heard the stories of the top achievers, I've started to dream a little bigger. I'm thinking that in a few years, if I can really build this business, maybe this can replace some of my regular income so that I consider scaling back my full time job. Again, with my daughter in mind, I dream of a day when I can have a more flexible schedule to attend as many of my daughter's functions as possible. I would love to do less business travel so that I can be around for my daughter. For now, my immediate goal will be funding her future, but I'm going to keep pushing to see just how much I can brighten my future and how many of my dreams I can bring to reality!"

Glad to have you on board, Michelle! Can't wait for you to begin seeing these goals materialize!

Solution Tool

Want to know what products are right for you? Want to zero in on another skin concern? Take the 30-second Solution Tool quiz on my website and email me your results. We can chat about what products are right for you!
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For your continuous support! Please let me know if I could help you in any way!

Fran Misener, Rodan + Fields Executive Consultant

Last March, my friend and coworker, Michelle and I were in discussing how we could make more money. She told me her daughter’s first grade teacher was paying her mortgage selling Rodan + Fields. We both agreed we wouldn’t be able to devote time and effort to that business working full time and taking care of a family. In July, my cousin Frannie began selling and in August, my friend Bess and I were hanging out at the pool and having the exact same conversation Michelle and I had in March. HOW can we make some more money?! She told me we’d have to sell Rodan + Fields as her sister was a consultant and was rocking the business. We both were like “HECK NO! We would never!”

Fast-forward only a week later. Bess approached me and said “You will never guess what I am doing! I am going to be a consultant for Rodan + Fields.” And I did not need much more convincing to jump right in. The last thing I wanted was to return to the pool the following summer and hear she was paying her mortgage with her earnings without even taking a chance for myself! The idea of her hitting a home run and me still being at bat was something I could not stomach. So I called up my cousin Frannie, joined her team, and the rest is history!

Initially, my goal was to pay the monthly daycare expenses. In December, I received my fourth paycheck and went WAY beyond that goal. In fact, I was so floored, I called my husband in tears! HA! But you know what is even better? Not only do I have confidence from great looking skin (see my fresh face on page one!) but I also am experiencing success as a consultant, something I have never done before!! I’ll tell you what…I am so EXCITED I went for it. Every day, I am learning, growing, and earning! And I am changing skin and changing lives in the process! Contact me to find out more about this amazing company and opportunity!