Reviving The Muslim Youth:

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Issues Affecting Muslim Youth:

Muslim Youth challenges will not be solved if the roots of the problems are not understood. Though the problems persist, it will be hard to propose real solutions for the actual disease; If we all dont come together and collabrate on how to cure the disease thats facing the muslim youth we will not succed. As each day goes by, our faith is tested by The Almighty Allah. Each passing day springs forth new challenges and unlawful temptations that we have been forbidden to go near to as the faithful servants of Allah. What we have been taught in our early ages of childhood, are soon forgotten and we tend to lead a life opposing Allah’s commands. We must learn to work together and accomplish our one goal on this planet: to serve Allah and Allah alone.

Reving The Muslim Youth

Monday, May 27th, 1-9:30pm

2824 13th Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN