By: Hannah Brkljacic


When you are dancing it's not like you are doing ballet it's you doing whatever dance you want to do. You don't have to care about what other people think. If you have free time and you love dancing this is something that you would do.

What Dancing Take's From You

Dancing takes a lot of you. Dancing take's Effort, Practice, and energy. It take's all of that by you dancing. The way it take's energy from you is when you eat the energy stored in the food. The food you eat that has energy give's you that energy now.

Why dancing is fun

The reason why dancing is fun is because 1, it is exercise. Exercise is fun because you can listen to music and workout which is kind of like dancing.Because you're moving and getting exercise.Reason 2 is it's sport related. Sport related things are fun because they have to do with sports. And if you're a sport lover this is kind the thing you would do is, dance.Reason 3 is it's FREE. Not the kind of free where you don't have to pay,well kind of you don't have to pay to dance in you own house. The free part I'm trying to say is you can make up your own moves. And last but not least it is Exciting. It is exciting because when you're having a bad day then you can think about the bright side and go dance.

Give out you're moves!

You give out you're moves by making up any dance's you want. Free dance people no one can put you down by your move's. Don't let other people tell you you're moves are dumb or anything like that if your trying out for a dance club and they don't like you moves then so what they don't know who their saying that to. BOOM they just made a mistake on what they just told you.

Alway's a part of you're day!

This activity we call dancing is something you could do everyday. If you have nothing to do just jump right in the middle of the floor and start dancing to music. No matter what people have to say about you're , dancing and/or move's and dance routine's.

Dancing all around!

The meaning about " Dancing all around" is that no matter where you are in the car, at home, at the store, school or anywhere. You have to feel free to dance. That came from the heart. That's the truth of what I think.

Other's favorite song's to dance to

Cortez : Hot Line Bling
Owen : Hello and Sorry
Connor : See You Again
L.T. : Unknown
Jasmine : Here
Samantha : My House and Victourious
Kaitlyn : Stressed Out
Maddie Just Dance
Ethan : One Call Away
Addison : Same Old Love
Grant : Unknown
Megan : Hide Away
Tae : Here and Just Dance
Phillip : See You Again
Violet : Lean And Dab
Irina : Same Old Love
Aaron : Stressed Out
Gracie : I Know What You Did Last Summer
Sabra : Stressed Out
Mrs. Jimenez : YMCA
Miss. Kesler : My House
Mrs.Sutton : The Happy Song

Baby Brother: Itsy Bitsy spider

Dad: Field Party

Mom :Banionjo