Team Faith Newsletter

March 2014

A Note from your Director...

Hey Ladies!!! Wow, y'all were Rockin'! All month Long, there were Parties going in & new Ladies joining our Team! And, I had so many of you participate in the Booking Blitz at the end of the Month, I am so Excited to see what March has in store for you! If you haven't done one yet, its not too late. Get on your FB, look up some of your Friends, send them a message. Go thru your contacts on your phone or your email, dig deep. We have an Awesome Catalog and the Special doesn't get much better! Ladies will LOVE all these Totes on Sale! So many are getting ready for Spring Break, Summer Vacations, they need a new Beach Bag to carry! I don't know about you but I am loving the new Coral Mod Dot Fold-Over Retro Metro too!! I just ordered mine and I cant wait for it to arrive!!

We still have about 2 weeks left of the "Opportunity to Join" Incentive. Have you Offered it to everyone who might be Interested? Think about what Thirty-One does for you, who do you know that use that too? It's the Best time to Join Thirty-One!

We have Celebrate & Connect Meetings coming up too, have you Registered? If you are in Asheville, our Meeting is Saturday, April 5th @ 2pm @ the Biltmore Commons Community House, just off Sardis Rd. If you need Directions please let me know! This is our Summer Premiere, we will be showing the new Summer Products & generally you go home with a new Catalog, a Mini, & your Amenity! It's going to be EXCITING!! If you need help finding a meeting, please let me know!

Thank you for all you do! You continually Amaze me & I am Blessed to have each one of you as a Part of my Life! Let's Blow March Away!!!

Your Director,


Let's do some CELEBRATING!!!!

Top in Sales, February 2014

  • Kristi Hewell............$2,167.
  • Harley Bare.............$1,136.
  • Amanda Danner.......$ 685.
  • Karren Embler..........$ 627.
  • Brandy Clegg.............$ 576.
  • Krista Winstead.........$ 483.
  • Krystal Wilson............$ 456.
  • SueEllen Ainsley.........$ 412.
  • JenniferRogers...........$ 262.
  • Melissa Cook..............$ 260.
  • Amanda Reynoso......$ 217.
  • Stephanie Edwards...$ 210.

Welcome to Team Faith

Cathy Cruse................ Recruited by SueEllen Ainsley!

Wendy Alexander...... Recruited by SueEllen Ainsley!

Jessica Cook................Recruited by Krystal Wilson!

Elizabeth Dohy...........Recruited by Krystal Wilson!

Tonya Madden...........Recruited by Jennifer Purcell!

Blaire Stewart.............Recruited by Mary Payne.

Melissa Poore.............Recruited by Mary Payne.

Ladies, I am so excited to Welcome you to our Thirty-One Family!

Those of you who Welcomed them, Way To Go!! You are Sharing the Opportunity, Offering a new Dream, Opening the Door to new Possibilities!


WooHoo!! Way to Go Brandy Clegg & Harley Bare! You are both now Qualified Consultants with Thirty-One!!

(Qualified means they have now Submitted over $1000 in Personal Volume!)


Congratulations Ashley Pitcher on your Promotion to Sr Consultant! Your half way to Director! Ashley is also Celebrating her 1 Year Anniversary this month! WooHoo!!

(To Promote to a Sr. Consultant, you need 2 Qualified Recruits & you earn 2% on all PV Submitted by your Direct Recruits!)

2014 National Conference Stars!

Congratulations on Earning 1 Star!

  • Emily Forrest
  • SueEllen Ainsley
  • Kristy Brooks
  • Jennifer Purcell

Congratulations on Earning 2 Stars!

  • Karren Embler
  • Ashley Pitcher
  • Brandy Clegg
  • Amanda Danner
  • Jennifer Rogers

Congratulations on Earning 4 Stars!

  • Krista Winstead

Congratulations on Earning 5 or More Stars!

  • Harley Bare
  • Kristi Hewell
  • Krystal Wilson

Don't forget, you have until April 30th to earn your Stars for National Conference!

Meet your Team Faith Family....

Kristi Hewell...

First and foremost, I’m a mom and a wife. My son Andrew is 6, and my husband Max and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary on April 24th. My one indulgence (besides The Cheesecake Factory’s Red Velvet Cheesecake) is caramel (Rolo’s and Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra Ice Cream in particular). My favorite things are being the Team Mom for my son’s TBall team and being able to play an active role in his life. I have told myself I am going to be there every step of the way to see him grow up. I’m also a crazy cat lady, with 4 beautiful felines gracing me with their presence every time I come home.

My husband and my son are my why – why I do my business and to help with all the extra’s in life. We are both blessed with full-time jobs, so I started Thirty-One at the end of April of 2013, thinking it would be a hobby, but boy was I surprised when I saw what this company could do for me. I recruited my first person at my very first party, and that is when I started to realize I could really do this. Once that happened, it completely changed my mindset on this business.

I decided to go to National Conference in Atlanta, paying for everything out of pocket. I wasn’t prepared for the support and love I felt there. I was absolutely surprised to be surrounded by such a large group of women, all of whom wanted to be there and wanted to help you with your business. And I have never seen a company reward their employees the way Thirty-One has blessed us. I walked away feeling like I could totally rock my business.

I bought a new car last September, and I haven’t had to dip into my savings at all for any car payment. My commission until this point has paid for my car. I have found so many wonderful women (and yes men – they love to buy for themselves or their wives) since I have started this journey. I used to be so reserved and wouldn’t talk to people. Now, when I see someone carrying Thirty-One in the grocery store or struggling with a lot of bags, I walk up and share my business with them. One thing I have learned is it never hurts to ask. For every one Yes I get, I get 10 No’s. It is just a part of doing business.

I can honestly say that, even though I was a Christian before joining Thirty-One, I feel like have I become a better person since starting this journey. You have to have faith. Every step of my journey has somehow fallen into place, and that isn’t just fate. When I was $200 short of earning my last StartSwell, someone placed a $400 order. I didn’t have a room for National Conference, and then all of a sudden, a room comes open right when I was about to cancel my reservation. Those things don’t just “happen”!! So, I truly believe I was meant to find this business and I think in some ways it found me.

Melissa Cook...

My name is Melissa Cook and I have a wonderful husband and three awesome toddlers, twins 4.5 and a three year old. We live in Wilson, NC now after quite a few moves last year. I'm excited to announce I'm expecting a new little girl due July 14th! I will be 37 june 27th!
I have had a character-building childhood, in my eyes. My mom was/is an alcoholic and i've lived some with my amazing Grandma and aunt as well. I appreciate it all though in helping me be who I am now. Since high school i have been a sandwich artist, produced medical products, served 5 years in the Marine Corps, installed cable TV and managed a restaurant. And then I became a twin mommy at 32 and soon after a stay at home mom.
I joined Thirty-one on December 26th 2012 so I did just celebrate my one year anniversary! My original "why" was because I really saw an opportunity to have something "not mommy" for myself. Some me time and a pleasant distraction. And I had basically fallen in love with the products with my first order. So fast forward to National Conference last year! What an amazing and memorable experience! I will admit that the first time I heard about it I was all aboard. And I needed that mommy vacation that I had never gotten. My kids are my whole world and give me such pride and joy, But I do know that we need a break away to make ourselves better sometimes too. So not only will you have something for "you" to be excited about at Conference but you will join thousands others who are all smiling ear to ear to be there too. Its a lot of running around from place to place and meeting different ladies along the journey. I love how I have been able to be involved and feel connected to all the wonderful ladies I have met, and even if many are just on Facebook for now its what works to us, and we all know its A-okay. :) I did get some great Info from the classes, and my first reaction walking into the big area with everyone there and the music pumping and seeing Cindy right there was so memorable that I won't forget it I'm sure. But the best memory now was seeing Mary walk that stage for Director and being there to cheer for her! I know that's me soon and it totally makes it real!
I have inspirations of my successful future with thirty-one so I know that even though I may not have started the race with a huge bang it doesn't mean I can't achieve what I desire when things are right. And I love the flexibility with thirty-one, I will never say I want another job again! My goals are to pay for dance and karate classes etc (hubbys boat) and all the 31 stuff my heart desires lol.

Coming Next Month...

SueEllen Ainsley & Krystle Wilson... you were our Top Recruiters this Month... Will you Please Share with us what you are doing to share the Opportunity of Thirty-One?