Good News

Reconciliation and Eucharist

Our special days are coming soon!

We have scheduled our Reconciliation Days for Tuesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 17 beginning 10:30 AM here at Holy Rosary. The children have been learning about this wonderful sacrament which prepares them for the true gift of the Holy Eucharist.

Those who are being baptized need not go to this Confession, for when they do get baptized, all their sins will be washed away and they are pure and ready for the Lord.

And then ALL who are receiving the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist will do so on Saturday, May 7.

Here are the names I have so far.

Baptism / Reconciliation / Holy Eucharist ------- May 7 (only)

Anderson Yaden-Smith, Lucy Puryear, Flynn Gilbert

Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist

3rd Grade: Julian Hernandez, Itzayana Montes, Evan Phan, Yeimi Reyes-Diaz, Melissa Rosas-Arenas, Sarah Talavera

2nd Grade: Jose Aparicio, Leslie Covarrubias, Bella DeMesa, Brissa Del Cid, Jessica Gonzalez, Isom Johnson, Camila Klein,

If I left your child's name off the list please inform me right away, or if I inadvertently put your child's name down and it should not be here, again please let me know.

We will have a MANDATORY informational meeting (for those whose children will receive the sacraments) on Wednesday, February 17; at 8:30AM and again for those not able to come in the morning, it will be offered at 6:00PM. You need only to attend one of these.

Thank you for all your understanding and patience as we continue to work out the details.

We are truly excited to be involved in this beautiful occasion.

Mrs. Silva