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August 16, 2020

A Message from Mrs. Frankhouser

Rattlers and Rattler Families,

There are only a few days until school starts! We are in our home stretch of planning and preparation. All updates have now been made in Skyward. If your child is registered, he or she is in the system and has been assigned a teacher. Any corrections that needed to be made were made Saturday morning. If issues have arisen since then, they have not yet been addressed.

Please sign up for your Meet the Teacher appointment with your teachers. Remember that these are virtual meetings and will last about 10 to 15 minutes each. Your teachers can't wait to meet you!

Our staffing is based on enrollment. Because we got so many new registrations in the past week, we will be hiring new teachers. We are on it, but this process takes a little bit of time. We are interviewing, checking references, and bringing people on board. Once a new teacher is on board, we are bringing that teacher up to speed with our new learning platform so that by the time that teacher is the teacher of record for your child, they are prepared. This whole process start to finish can take a couple of weeks depending on our candidate pool. I feel confident that we will be able to find fantastic teachers for our Rattlers, and rest assured, we are on it! In the meantime, class sizes are large and your teachers will take great care of you and your children in the remote environment.

Proud to be here,


Welcome to the 2020 2021 School Year
LTISD Learning. Transformed.

Click this link for current LTISD information regarding Covid and for helpful information as you navigate the remote learning environment.

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Pencils and Self Portraits - Drive Through to Pick Up Your Pencil August 18th

We mailed out letters from me to Rattlers on August 6th. In each envelope was a letter and a pencil as a gift to each student. (Our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Randels, and her family worked hard to stuff all of those envelopes.) I was so excited for children to get these awesome pencils! What I didn't know was that you can't mail pencils in regular envelopes and all of the envelopes were returned to the school. (You learn something everyday.) So, we made slits in the envelopes, shook out the pencils, taped the envelopes, and got them in the mail yesterday. When you get yours, don't worry that it has been tampered with. That "surgery" that was performed on the envelope was done by me, my mother, my husband, and my senior in high school.

If your child doesn't receive a letter, it is because he or she was registered after the last time we printed. If that is the case, please print this and read it to your child. I have asked each child to send in a self portrait so their smiling faces can be in the school building. This means a lot to us. We miss having children here.

I will be out in front of our school all day on Tuesday August 18 from 8:00 - 3:30pm to hand out these lucky pencils to our Rattlers. You can drive through and get your lucky RHE pencil!

I already received this beautiful self portrait, and it made my day. Thank you Ayden!

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Mrs. Frankhouser's First Read Aloud, Click Here

Let's start our new school and our new year remembering that there are many ways to be smart, and we all have special gifts! Let's read "All the Ways to Be Smart" by Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys.

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Meet the Teacher - Virtually 8/17 & 8/18

Expect an email from your child's teacher around 4:00 pm on Friday August 14th. In the email will be a video in which the teacher will include a personal introduction, an introduction of the team, and little about what to expect in your child's grade level. It will also include a little about what to expect for the first day of online school including where to go and how to login.

Requests for class changes will not be considered.

Your teacher will then reach out to you and schedule a personal 15 minute google hangout virtual meeting where you can meet your teacher online on August 17th or August 18th. Children are absolutely encouraged to join that meeting. Teachers will meet each family separately. Teachers can't wait to meet you!

The First Day of School

August 19th


Accessed through your homeroom teacher's Google Hangout link through Schoology

Returning Student Packet

Don't forget to complete the returning student packet. While returning students are automatically enrolled for the coming school year, certain documents must be acknowledged, verified and/or updated annually. We also need update emergency contact information for each child.

Both remote learning at home and in-person learning on campus must complete a Returning Student Packet for each child in Skyward.

Here are links to each grade level's welcome!

Kindergarten Team - new teacher coming soon

1st Grade Team - new teacher coming soon

2nd Grade Team - class sizes growing and we anticipate needing a new teacher

3rd Grade Team - new teacher coming soon

4th Grade Team

5th Grade Team

Specials Team (click "present" when you open)

GT / Discovery

Special Education Team

Click Here for Remote Learning Schedules

*ELAR is English Language Arts and Reading, Intervention time is small group time.


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