Harry Houdini

by: Shay Morgan

Ehrich Weisz

Harry Houdini was born in Budapest Hungary on March 24 1874. He was born with the name Ehrich Weisz. He had five siblings and he was the son of a rabbi. Him and his family immigrated to the United States in 1876 when he was 2 years old. He began to study the art of trapeze and he became Ehrich the Prince of the Air. He ran away from home as a child for one year then returned to his home. Nothing is known of his travels during that time. Once he returned him and his brother Theo Weisz developed a liking of magic. Ehrich changed his nickname to the american version Ehrie=Harry and he made his last name the name of his favorite french magician but changed it up a little. Houdin=Houdini.


"Mysterious Harry and La Petite Bessie", was the show name for Harry and his wife when they performed at amusement parks and other small events. They traveled with a circus for a while. when the responses to their performances were mediocre they vamped it up a little bit with comedy from old newspapers. Harry began a needle trick where he swallowed 40 needles and pulled them out all stringed together and Bessie performed as a mind reader using a letter and number code only known by her and Harry. Harry then grew in popularity as he came up with ideas of escaping handcuffs and even the local police. He was awarded for this. Many tried to imitate Houdini but all failed as he grew in popularity with his escape routines including straight jackets, coffins, shackles and water cans filled with milk and he could escape in 3 minutes! He made a film using all his tricks with no camera pizzazz added.

Major Events

Harry Houdini - Straight Jacket Escape

Impact of Houdini

Harry Houdini was a wonder to the brain. People would stop their daily routine even be late to work to see Houdini in his work of art. Many tried to become as good as the magician but all failed. No one was just as good as he could be.