Team Awesome

February 10-14


Regular Math: We will have our unit test over ratio and proportions this Wednesday and our performance task will be Thursday. Students should already be working on their unit review. We will go over this and I will work with those who still are unsure of the standards on Monday. On Tuesday, students will complete a "mock" performance task.

NO MATH MAINTENANCE THIS WEEK. All students should be working on their unit review and preparing for their test.

Advanced Math - Unit test over ratio and proportions will be Wednesday and the performance task will be Thursday. We will continue work on our contract and review on Tuesday.

POW: Zips and Zaps (this is posted on the website)


This week we will be continuing the climate/weather unit. Students will learn how to read and interpret surface maps about air pressure, temperature, and dew point. We will be doing some activities that help students' understanding of the different types of storms.

Be sure to study the climate/weather unit study guide at least 10-15 minutes each night.

Language Arts

This week in ELA, we'll continue to work on our reading and writing contracts, we'll work on some shared reading and written response to said reading, and we'll work to improve our conventions (1st and 3rd periods) or our vocabulary (2nd and 6th periods).

Social Studies

Our Australia Test is Thursday. Please encourage your child to study. Students were given their study guides on Thursday or Friday and should have them completed by now. I will go over the guides on Tuesday.

Students should start on the second section of the Create a Country project.

Our Guest Dr. Geller with 4 Sixth Grade Teachers [Fuller, Marsden, Zimmerman, and Cantrell]