Pride of the Tribe

Week of January 14, 2019

technology showcase information

  1. It is due February 28, 2019, by 4:30 pm. (Every certified teacher is required to participate.)
  2. It should be posted outside your door as well as on your website on the Welcome page.
  3. It must be based on a Performance Assessment (PA) from TEKS Resource System unless your subject doesn't have any PAs (ie Fine Arts).
  4. It must be a student creation; we have 2nd-grade students AppSmashing (using 2 or more apps to create a final product), so our expectations are growing!

Tammy will be sharing different tools you can use with the PAs as well as daily in your class for students to create. We will be talking more about it, but I wanted it on your radar. This isn't something you should stop and do; it should be something you are doing in your curriculum at any time in the first four six-weeks of school (plus a little more). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Performance Assessments with Tools

App Smashing:

Example based on PA -

Try airplane stacking to save time between student responses to questions and give some Ss additional think time.

Big picture

How do you respond when you get an IDK response from a student?

Big picture

Nuts & Bolts

  • Student Rules/Procedures PowerPoint - This should have been reviewed last week during your third-period class. Parents will be made aware of the PP on Monday and my letter will state that students have reviewed it. Make sure they have.

  • GRADES - Grades should be updated weekly. I will begin running reports and notifying those who have no grades in TxEIS.

  • If you have a student who has failed for the semester make sure you have made parent contact. Parents need to know right now, not in May (especially seniors).

  • LESSON PLANS - Due EVERY Friday.

  • Indian Showcase - January 28th from 6:00-8:00pm. All teachers are expected to participate. Paras are welcome to come. If you want HS students to help with your table, please arrange for them to attend.

Upcoming Events

January 14
  • CTE/Elective Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • Tribe Time (Stay in 3rd period) - ALL students need to be scheduled for the week
January 15
  • Math/Science Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • English I&II Interim Exam
  • TRIBE TIME (Stay in 3rd period)
  • Basketball vs Melissa @ SHS, 5:00pm

January 16

  • English/SS Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • Tribe Time
  • Tentative Fire Drill @ 3:00pm
  • New Teacher Academy @ SHS, 4:15pm, Room 101

January 17

  • Tribe Time
  • SISD Board Meeting @ 4:30pm

January 18

  • Tribe Time
  • UIL Cheer Competition
  • Boys & Girls Basketball vs Gainesville @ Gainesville, 5:00pm

I Leave You With This...

If you have kids of your own, think about how much you appreciate their teachers who go the extra mile...who love them like their own.

You can be that special teacher for all your students. You're not just making a difference for kids, but for a lot of parents too! ~ @SteeleThoughts

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