Grade 1 Newsletter


Up Coming Events and Reminders

Dear Parents,

The days are getting shorter but we are busy as bees in Grade 1. The current topic of conversation and our learning theme is Remembrance Day. Students are very interested in our country's history and the role of our soldiers in making & keeping peace throughout the world. One aspect of our lessons has been on how animals help soldiers in wartimes. We have learned of the many roles of animals, the specific jobs they do and the friendships they make with their soldier friends. It is beautiful to hear the compassion and empathy students are expressing throughout our classroom discussions.

Please Note: Our Remembrance Ceremony will take place at 10:30am on Nov. 11 in the gym. All are welcome to attend.

Homework: The 5 sight words sent home each week in your child's homework folder are very important for his/her reading skills and writing skills. It is expected that your child will be able to read and write these words independently and in a variety of contexts by the end of the year. Please review these words daily with your child.

Dates to Remember:

  • Next week is bully prevention week.
  • Monday, Nov. 16 - There will be a Lockdown Practice
  • Wednesday, Nov. 17 - wear pink day to show your commitment to stop bullying. You can wear a pink shirt, a pink ribbon, a pink bandana or maybe pink socks!
  • Thursday, Nov. 19 - Double Lunch day. Students are asked to bring in 2 lunches. One lunch will be sent to the Mission and the other is for your child to eat at school.
  • Thursday, November 19 - Parent / Teacher interviews (times do be determined)
  • Friday, November 20 - PD Day , so school for students.
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Bus Evacuation Drill

As part of our lessons on safety, we had a bus evacuation drill. Students learned the proper procedure in the classroom. We then practiced the procedure on a real bus!

Procedural Writing - Linking What we Learn to What we Do

After the bus drill, students practiced writing a procedural text about their experience. They began with an opening sentence, followed by the sequence of events that created the bus drill. They worked very on their rough draft and then after some editing, they made a good draft. The writing process is in full swing in Grade 1!

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Progress Reports

Please return your child's Progress Report envelop signed on the front. These envelops are reused for the 1st Report Card and the 2nd Report Card. Also, please sign the 2nd page of your child's Progress Report and return it to school. Interview schedules will be done online this year. The link to the scheduling site will be sent out soon.

Please note: If we have had a meeting in the last few weeks, it is not necessary to schedule another meeting at this time. We can however, meet again in December to review your child's learning goals.

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We are learning the Canadian coin names, their values and how to make change to 20 cents. Usually, students have a difficulty with counting coins. The concept of 1 dime representing 10 cents is confusing for them. I have embedded a link for you to watch that demonstrates one of the strategies I use in the classroom. Please keep in mind that the demonstration uses American coins and therefore I will not be showing this to the class. The purpose of the video is solely to inform parents.

*Please practice counting the value of coins at home.

Touch Coins for Counting Money

Canadian Coin Song

Michael Mitchell "Canada in my Pocket"