FOR SALE: House of Usher

The one and only world famous House of Usher can be yours!

Stunning views, antique furnishings, and plenty of space for you and yours!

The House of Usher is a truly amazing destination to begin the rest of your life. This house is a historic mansion inhabited by a long line of people in the Usher family. Roderick and Madeline Usher, twins in the family, were the last people to live in the house many years ago. In fact, their bodies may still be there in one of the bedrooms for you to observe! Wow, amazing!

This House is located on a fairly large plot of land, next to a forest and a beautiful lake, perfect for summertime swimming if you don't mind leeches! The house even includes a vault incase granny is on her way out. How convenient!

Edgar Allan Poe, who wrote the non-fictional story "The Fall of the House of Usher" has made your future home a world-famous place! How could you say no to that?

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Act now, and it's all yours for just 5,729,016.99!!!!


  • House may be haunted by twin ghosts.
  • Carpets may be stained with blood.
  • Strange, and perhaps frightening noises may be heard periodically.

Haunted House (HH) Realty.

You buy the house, so we don’t have to.