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Ms L Kadri Health and Fitness Review


Over the last few months Ms Kadri has been signed up with StripesFitness and completed Health tests starting in early November and recently completed the Fitness testing in the past month. In our Health Screening we did four tests including, Lung Capacity, BMI (Body Mass Index), Heart Rate and finally Blood Pressure. To complete the remainder of our Health and Fitness Tests we completed the 30 Meter Sprint, 10 Rep Max, 12 Minutes Cooper Run, Sit and Reach, 30 second Push Up and Sit Up test and finally the Sargent Jump.


First of all what is a PARQ? PARQ stands for Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, and within this the questions are an attempt to learn more about the clients Health and Fitness Lifestyle asking about any broken bones in the past, health problems such as heart conditions as well as if they could possibly have them in the future eg, if obesity ran in the family and if they could suffer in the future. Questions about the clients lifestyle attempt to know about everyday life such as what activities they take part in, do they drink alcohol or if they smoke. For Ms Kadri’s very first session with StripesFitness she was required to fill out the PARQ. Looking at Ms Kadri’s results from the questionnaire represents her having an average lifestyle of spending much of her day working leaving only a little span of time to do exercise. However Ms Kadri and said that to do some sort of exercise she does walk quite often, she sometimes walks home after work on some days. As she is a teacher part of her job is to also walk around the school as a Head of College which also puts in some exercise for the day. Ms Kadri is shown to be a healthy person as she is absent of Chronic illnesses (such as Asthma and Diabetes), her heart is healthy and without problems. She has no chest pains during everyday activities and physical activities and nothing wrong with her joints in everyday activities.

Health Testing

To begin Ms Kadri’s sessions with us and her joining our club we had to first complete a Health Screening test for her to them move on to fitness testing and finally the fitness programme. During the Health screening we completed four tests including: BMI (Body Mass Index), Lung Function, Heart Rate and Finally Blood pressure.

Ms Kadri's results are as followed in the chart below.

Read more about the tests on the website link at the bottom of the page.

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Fitness Testing

In the following months after the Health Testing session was completed, Ms Kadri came back to the company to complete her Fitness Test in which we completed tests looking at Muscular Strength (MS), Muscular Endurance (ME), Flexibility (F), Power (P), Aerobic Endurance (AE) and Speed (S). The tests include: 12 Minute Cooper Run (AE), Sit and Reach (F), Sit ups and Push ups (ME), 1 Rep Max (MS), 30 Meter Sprint (S) and Sargent Jump (P).

Like in the Health Testing paragraph the results of her fitness test will be below:

Read more about the tests on the website link at the bottom.

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Strengths and Weaknesses (Health Testing)

Health Testing

Looking at all of Ms Kadri's results she is shown to be a healthy person despite thinking the opposite. Comparing her results to the normative data she had show a great deal in strength at the four different tests covered during our session. Ms Kadri's BMI is good as seeing her in the 'Healthy' range of the chart is a very positive sign. She seemed to have a great strength especially when it came to her Lung Capacity as it exceeds the average woman’s and this can be caused by possibly from her lifestyle eg. Ms Kadri is a English teacher in King George V School, Hong Kong. I was right to assume she has to walk around quite a lot during the day which could improve her lung capacity as she breathes to get oxygen to her muscles. However looking at the results also she could improve her heart rate as she was just in the category of “Good”. To improve upon this she could try doing more activities during her week for example walk home from work at least 2 times a week or even when at school rather than take the lift/elevator take the stairs.

Lifestyle Improvements of Ms Kadri

Blood Pressure

The average Blood Pressure of a person is 120/80. Different components that can affect BP include: Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, Lifestyle eg, Hours of sleep a night (For Ms Kadri, She should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night), and her Occupation and stress. To Lower blood pressure Ms Kadri should avoid putting too much salt in her food and diet, get the required amount of sleep per night according to her age, Avoid Smoking and Alcohol as often as possible however, studies show that a a glass of RED wine a day is healthy for you. Red wine contains anti-oxidants that can help prevent heart problems. Live a healthy lifestyle so go for jogs in the evening or walking to and from work etc. Large factors for High Blood Pressure is stress so organisation of time and work helps lower the blood pressure.


Getting enough sleep every night is very important for her health and lifestyle as it effects her everyday function. Ms Kadri sleeps for around 6-7 hours of sleep a night which around 1-2 hours under the amount that adults should be sleeping each night. This lack of sleep can be caused by the amount of work she takes home to mark from her school. Often there will be 20-30 students work for her to look through and to mark.

To AVOID any of these problems:

Sleep the average time suggested

On average adults are advised to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Lack of sleep can cause:


Attention Span

Concentration Problems

Increases depression (via Insomnia)

Ages Skin


Weight Gain

Heart Disease

Heart Attack

Heart Failure

Irregular Heartbeat

High Blood Pressure

Stroke and Diabetes

Bedtime routine

Start a bedtime routine and go to bed at a particular time every night (just like waking up at the same time every morning for work). If you are in bed for 15 mins and not falling asleep then get up and do something around the house. When you start to feel tired and sleepy then go back to bed.

-Sleep earlier at night and make a routine

-Do activities during the day to make you tired so it is easier to sleep at night


Around 2 billion people in the world drink alcohol on a regular basis. There are three categories of alcohol: Wine, Beer and Liquor. Most people will drink alcohol for social gatherings or nights out. Other alcohol includes: Alcopops, Champagne and Spirits.

Ms Kadri does drink alcohol wever she drinks the minimal amount only drinking possibly once a week.

Alcohol has pros and cons. Pros are examples like, it helps social lives and studies show that having RED WINE in moderation can actually improve your health. Red wine contains Antioxidants which prevent Heart problems. However too much alcohol is very dangerous as it effects your organs such as the brain, heart, liver and pancreas. It can cause cancer as well as weaken your immune system. It is suggested to clients that if they were to drink, consume red wine every other night and avoid drinking excessive alcohol.

I would recommend:

- Do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol. If drinking try have red wine every other day.


Smoking is the inhaling of smoked tobacco. This is not beneficial to a persons lifestyle.

Ms Kadri is a non-smoker which is a strength on her behalf.

There are no pros to smoking instead just cons.

Cons include:


Causes Chest Infections

Cause of Lung Cancer

Makes Breathing more difficult

Smell of the smoke stains clothes

Causes yellow teeth and finger nails

Avoid smoking at all. If you are to try and quit smoking there are other methods to help you such as:

Nicotine Patches


Do something to replace the action of smoking eg, cook or do exercise

- Avoid smoking

- Try and quit smoking (if already a smoker)

Strengths, Weaknesses and Lifestyle Improvements (Fitness Related)

Fitness Testing

Ms Kadri showed in her fitness tests session that all she could do was improve. On almost all of the tests that required more than one attempt she improved it and made new records for herself. For example the Sargent Jump and the 30 Meter Sprint. She did show some weaknesses though when it came to the Aerobic Endurance (12 Min Cooper Run) which is understandable as she had not done any proper form of exercise in the last few years. It was also a bit of a weakness because she didn't know how to use the treadmill and it took her some time to understand and get used to the feeling of running on a treadmill.

Lifestyle Imp.

At the end of the Fitness session we went over some possible goals she has for herself and any lifestyle improvements she could do. She said that she was only really interested in improving her CV training. As she owns a smartphone I suggested an application called "Strava". This is an App and a website which works like a GPS system. It records your cycling distance or running distance from when you click start to end. The app records your path and even shows you on a map the distance travelled and calories lost etc. To improve her flexibility as well she could either join yoga or do simple stretches most/every morning once she has woken up or just before going to sleep.


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