Good And Bad Interview

During the bad interview she doesn't really show intrest in the job, she's kinda just saying she needs a job. she doesn't explain the experience she has and she does't sound organized.

During the good interview she sounds like she has everything together , much more organized and prepare.she explains her experience and explains how she realized she wanted to to be in the marketing business. She was much more prepared.

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Video Game Designer


  • Design and balance multiplayer systems like player customization, weapons, progression & unlocks, and the online user experience.
  • Understand the core game play and world/tone, and how the multiplayer game can help embellish on them
  • Work with our proprietary design tools and scripting language to prototype new multiplayer game mechanics and modes
  • Be highly proactive in working with and communicating the design goals to other disciplines
  • Follow through and see tasks through to the end.
  • Check and fix bugs

  • Minimum 3 to 5 years of games industry experience
  • Experience designing for multiplayer action games
  • Technical scripting or programming experience a bonus
  • Strong methodology and problem solving ability and with a focus on creative, fun and innovative solutions
  • Strong and effective communication skills
  • Exceptional team player with the ability to collaborate without losing sight of the gameplay vision
  • Experience playing console multiplayer action games
  • Experience of developing third-person action games a bonus

  • An average salary is 71 thousand dollars a year