Branch Rickey

A Person who didn't believe in segretion By:Tony A

Branch Rickey's Story

Branch Rickey doesn't believe in segregation, so when he was the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers he wanted to have white's and African American's together at their home field.

Branch RIckey's

"He had to be able to stand up in the face of merciless prosecution and not retaliate. On the other hand, he had to be contradiction in human terms; he still had to have spirit. He could not be an " Uncle Tom"

Branch Rickey's Hunt

"The Ricky talent hunt went beyond the national borders. Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and other countries where dark skinned people lived"

Branch Rickey's Adventure

Branch Rickey Searched every where to find the African American to play baseball, Branch Rickey went pass the U.S/Mexican border to find the person he needed

Branch Rickey