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Week of March 21, 2016

Weekly Highlights

Information for the week


On Monday, March 21, we will have a short but urgent meeting in the library at 3:30. The brief meeting is optional but I encourage everyone to attend. The information that will be presented affects the entire school.

Career Fair

The Career Fair date has been changed from April 1 to April 29. Please see Ms. Hampton for more information.

Arts Week

The enrichment team did an amazing job of hosting Arts Week. The energy from the students and teachers was absolutely amazing. Students were excited to see their work being displayed and they were also excited to participate and observe student led productions. Great work team!


Ms. Robinson facilitated a legal session for parents on Tuesday. All of the parents said that she was amazing and that they learned so much.

Ms. Burrage has been working extremely hard to ensure that all classes have been covered when we have been short on substitute teachers.

Thanks to all of the teaches who hosted Illinois State University guests last week.

Email Protocol

Our general rule for email exchange at Raby is to ensure that we return emails in a timely manner. Typically, we should aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours. If for some reason you send an email to administration and it is not answered within 48 hours, please be sure to check with us to ensure that it was received. Our intention is to ensure that we are meeting individual and team needs in a timely fashion. Please be sure to respond to fellow colleagues (especially with Diverse Learning needs) in a timely fashion.

Share your work week

Last week, I presented a challenge of doing something extra nice for someone each day. Did you meet the goal? If not, let's try a new challenge this week. I have been studying the suggestions presented for our 2016-18 CIWP and I have found a common theme. Many of the ideas that are being suggested are already in place. In fact, I would say as many as 50% of the suggestions are already in place. That is actually great news. It occurred to me that the problem is not the fact that we need to more things (in many cases). The real issue is that we have to be more intentional about sharing our week so that we can all be informed about what is happening across the school. As individuals, we have to be more intentional about reading information that is distributed so that we can be kept in the loop about all of the great things happening at Raby.

To kick this off, our challenge for this week is to be intentional about telling somebody about something amazing that is happening in your class or department that other people may not know about.

I will start it off:

Every two weeks we have a group of parents who consistently come out to participate in a workshop series on a variety of topics. They meet in the parent room on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

At least once per week, I contact a parent at Raby just to say hello and to check in to see if we can support them in any way.

Now, it is your turn. Every day this week, be intentional about telling someone that great things that YOU and your team are doing at Raby. We should be proud to tell people about how hard we work to support our students.

Top 10 Parent/Student celebration

On Thursday, March 24, we will host a parent/student Top 10 celebration at 8:00 a.m. in the Social Room. If you do not have a class during that time, you are more than welcome to attend.

Have a great week!


Dr. Skanes