Northern Africa

By: LaTaylor Lunford

Countries in this Region

Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Sudan are 5 of many countries inside of the Northern region of Africa.

5 Major Cities in Northern Africa

Alexandria - A big terrorism site in Egypt.

Cairo - The largest city in Africa, with major monuments in Egypt.

Tunis - The city with historical sites.

Algiers - A city with notable medievil casbah

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There are plenty of deserted land (The Sahara Desert) in the Northern region of Africa. Also, the Atlas Mountains are included.
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What is the climate like?

The climate in Northern Africa is mainly hot, with a deserted feeling. While the wetter places are semi-arid.
The most valuable natural resources in this area is diamonds, gold, petroleum, and salt.
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Amazing Physical Features

The Sahara Desert - the longest hot desert in the WORLD!

Sahel - the Sahel forms a transition zone between the north and south

The Ethiopian Highlands - home to 80% of African's tallest mountains

Savanna - grasslands that covers almost all of Africa

Rain Forest - the home of many wild life

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Major tourist attractions!

One of many of the most major tourist attractions in Northern Africa is Victoria Falls. It is known as the world's most majestic water spectacles!

Another one is the Riding Safari, in Kenya. You can see amazing Zebra's in this area.

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Dangerous Traveling

There is a lot of conflict going on in Northern Africa. For example, travelers need to be careful because there is history from car-jacking and homicides in Dakar, Nairobi, and Johanneburg.
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Gender, Trade, and poverty are major economic activities in Northern Africa.

What I Liked Most About Northern Africa.

What I liked most are the physical features. The way they naturally fit into Africa is beautiful to me. I am not used to having natural resources I rely on, so that is why they amaze me in so many ways. I would love to visit the rain forest to see the different species of wildlife. That is the most beautiful feature to me. I loved the physical features in Africa the most.