Discovery Compass Newsletter



Please continue to check eClass and Parent Portal for attendance/tardies, behavior, and course performance.

Parent Conference Night is Tuesday, October 18th at 6 PM. Please attend!

U.S. History

1. Students have their study box folder with all of their study guide boxes and a midterm review sheet they need to be working on and reviewing!

2. 1st Semester Midterm

-A: Tuesday, October 11th

-B: Wednesday, October 12th

3. Test #3: Expansion

-A: Monday, October 17th

-B: Wednesday, October 12th

*32 Multiple Choice Questions

4. All NTIs/Late work need to be turned in by the end of this week!

5. Progress Reports will go home for U.S. History Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Please ask for them!

APUSH Update

1. Students need to keep pace with their reading and note taking from the Out of Many textbook. Chapters 9, 11-13 need to be read by:

A: Tuesday, October 11th

B: Wednesday, October 12th

2. Market Revolution Reading + Q&A is due

A: Wednesday, October 16th

B: Friday, October 18th

3. Long Essay Question (LEQ) on the Market Revolution + 3 SAQs:

A: Friday, October 28th

B: Monday, October 31st

4. Period #4: 1800-1848 Assessment:

A: Thursday, November 3rd

B: Friday, November 4th