NSA monitors cell phones!

Justin Seth and Cinthia

NSA is illegally monitoring cell phones.

The NSA has now been illegally monitoring cell phones, computers, and almost anything electronic that connect to the internet or cell tower. They should at least require a search warrant or something along those lines, cause it has caused a-lot of trouble within the United States that the NSA are monitoring people illegally

NSA tracking cell phones!

A secretive U.S. spy court has ruled again that the National Security Agency can keep collecting every American's telephone records every day, in the midst of dueling decisions in two other federal courts about whether the surveillance program is constitutional.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Friday renewed the NSA phone collection program, said Shawn Turner, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Such periodic requests are somewhat formulaic but required since the program started in 2006.

The latest approval was the first since two conflicting court decisions about whether the program is lawful and since a presidential advisory panel recommended that the NSA no longer be allowed to collect and store the phone records and search them without obtaining separate court approval for each search.

Justin Seth and Cinthia