Kingsley Chronicle

Fall 2014

Ms. Baez Joins the Kingsley Family as Our New Assistant Principal

By Annie Levy, Georganna Hensley, & Yanelyn Matul

Ms. Baez is so excited to be here at Kingsley. She came from Hightower Elementary School. Ms. Baez loves the school’s energy and how kind everyone at Kingsley is.

Ms. Baez especially loves being an assistant principal. She and Mr. McBride work really well together. “I’ve always wanted to help in the community,” she explained. “More specifically, at a school.” Ms. Baez feels really special to be an assistant principal.

Ms. Baez is super fun! This past summer, she went to Disney World. Her favorite colors are pink and purple, and she loves cheese pizza. One time she even went to India for a friend’s wedding! She has an adorable Irish wolfhound mix named Caleb.

Ms. Baez says she is so very happy to be at such a wonderful school like Kingsley with such great people, and we are, too.

Ms. Alexander: Another New Face at Kingsley

By Heidi Ullman, Olivia Bacon, & Ally Widmann

Mrs. Alexander is our new counselor. Her full name is Lisa Mury Alexander. Mrs. Alexander’s birthday is August 7th.

Her favorite color is green, and she likes Mexican food. She has two dogs named Little Pup and Sophie. [Her favorite animal is also a dog!] Mrs. Alexander’s favorite candy are caramel pecan turtles.

Her lucky number is 21. She likes mystery books and other scary books. Mrs. Alexander considers herself a tomboy rather than a girly-girly. She also likes running and other outdoor activities. We are sure she is going to be a very good counselor! She is a very interesting person and we encourage you to get to know her.

Kingsley's Kitchen

By Anna Grace Swilley, Lindsey Nelson, & Lucy Neumann

When people think of cafeteria food they think somebody just puts some food on a plate. Students don’t understand that it takes hard work to make lunch AND breakfast for over 300 students.

The food comes from U.S foods and U.S.D.S., a delivery company that sells very healthy food.

The ice cream comes from Blue Bell. The ice cream prices were raised this year to $1.00 because the brand is better and we get more of a variety.

When our cafeteria doesn’t receive their delivery for the day it means they have to change the menu and use what they already have.

They have a 100% health score. The health department comes twice a school year. The kitchen is very sanitary. They have a table by the delivery door where they have forms to ensure that our food is safe.

Focus on Dr. Daugherty

By Rotem Kanny & Crystal Kim

One of Kingsley’s 2nd grade teachers is Dr. Daugherty.

She really likes teaching. When she was little, her lifelong dream was to be a teacher. Two people influenced her to become one and they are Dr.Daugherty’s 5th grade teacher and her mother.

The hardest part about being a teacher for Dr.Daugherty is staying organized. Before Kingsley, Dr. Daugherty taught at Ragsdale Elementary.

If she was not a teacher, she would be a fashion designer or a fashion buyer. She would see herself in a few years retired and traveling to different places. Dr. Daugherty really likes her community.

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Security at Kingsley

By Sarah Holland

The security at Kingsley is in good shape. Mr. McBride and Ms. Alexander, who directs the patrols, are authorities who make decisions and enforce security. Everyone feels safe at school.

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Spotlight on Ms. Agee

By Marcos Arenas & Johana Palafox

Ms.Agee loves to teach children in art. She likes to work with art tools and other people in art. Ms.Agee helps children who need more help on art. Ms.Agee likes to make things with clay, paint, drawing, and print drawing. Children most of the time take care of Ms.Agee’s tools because kids enjoy the tools.

Students Have Different Opinions about School Uniforms

By Ella Holland & Hana Lubin

When people think of uniforms they think of itchy, not fashionable clothes, and boring colors. Many other schools have uniforms, too. We have uniforms because it makes everybody equal and helps with the dress code. It is also in the Charter of the school.

Many students don’t like uniforms at all. Some students don’t even know why they don’t like uniforms. The teachers actually would not decide to have us stop wearing uniforms, the Charter Council would.

We are lucky to have these uniforms because people even have worse uniforms. At least we have spirit wear every Friday. Some people don’t wear uniform and wear jeans.

5th Grade Journalism Class

During Enrichment Specials time on Fridays, the 5th grade journalists created this newspaper while learning the ins and outs of reporting and newspaper design.