How to Succeed in a Flat World

What skills do graduates need?

A flat world increases competition for getting jobs. So what will graduates, future employes, and students need to do to succeed in a flat world?

Skills Graduates Need:

  • Cultural Knowledge
  • Know multiple languages
  • Know the World
  • Skill Flexibility
  • Talent
  • Adaptable


Being able to change to new ideas and methods is a required skill. New technologies will rise up and new government policies. With things changing in the world daily someone will not survive if they can not adapt.

Extensive Education

In the next five years, twenty-eight percent of employers are going to refrain from hiring young people who only have a high school diploma. Basic high school knowledge is not going to be good enough anymore Companies want people to complete four years in college and earn a degree. Organizations look for young adults that think critically and educated.