An American author/ artist

Personal information

  • Bob Dylan was born Robert Allen Zimmerman
  • He was born May 24, 1941 ( 73 years old )
  • Participated in civil rights and Anti- war movements
  • Published drawings and paintings
  • Recieved a presidential medal of freedom from Barak Obama in 2012
  • Typically wrote songs about social issues like ( war ) and civil rights!

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan should be taught in English III curiculam because he was not only a singer/ song writer but published books and paintings! Dylan's work was not often about love but about public issues at the time, such as social issues and civil rights! Dylan should be talked about because he participated in civil and anti- war movements.

Forever Young

  • Forever young was a song Bob Dylan wrote in 1974.
  • Bob Dylan's song forever young was about living life freely. The song is making sure everyone's dreams come true.
  • The song talks about how you should go through life happily, always having a good a brain in your head.
  • It's about always staying busy and keeping a clear mind

Critics opinion on the song ( Forever young )

  • Critics play a big part in ones career, they can make you look like a genius or a complete psycho!
  • Critics say " the song and it's lyrics and perfect for substance of this series because they express optimism, youth and values of truth, courage and strength."
  • Critics say " this is a very sweet song, written by a father for his son."
  • Critics say " I think bobs lyrics are timeless, they'd always mean something to you!"

My opinion about the critics opinion

If I had to place Bob Dylan anywhere in English III curiculam id place him in the same place as Therou. I'd place him there because Bob had many of the same ideas and thoughts like being brave, staying true to yourself, not letting society control you. Bob Dylan deserves a place in the English III curiculam!