Leonardo da Vinci Invention

Underwater Suite

The underwater suit and machine gun

Leonardoe da Vinci had a idea for repelling invading ships. They send men to the bottom of the harbor in diving suits and let them cut holes in enemy ships.

Da Vinci's divers would have carried breathing hoses connected to a floating bell full of air, wearing face masks with glass goggles that would help them see underwater.The wohbreathed from wine bladders filled with air.

The men would carry a bottle to urinate in so that they could stay underwater indefinitely.

The invaders were driven away by the Venetian navy before underwater suite became of use.

The Venetian navy

Da Vinci's machine gun, or "33-barrelled organ," wasn't a machine gun in the modern sense. It couldn't fire multiple bullets rapidly out of a single barrel. It could, however, deliver punishing volleys of gunfire at rapid intervals and, if it had been built, would have effectively mowed-down oncoming infantry.

The mechanism behind the machine gun is simple. Da Vinci proposed mounting 11 muskets side by side on a rectangular board, then attaching three such boards together in a triangular arrangement. By placing a shaft down the middle, the entire contraption could be rotated.

Leonardo da Vinci need money to build this machine gun. Som he convinced his wealthy patrons to give him the money by telling them that the machines would help them defeat their enemies. So they gave him the money

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