Weekly Warrior Bulletin

November 13, 2015


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Justin Baker (11/16)

Peter O'Connor ~ Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar's Outstanding Educator/Mentor Award

We are very proud of Pete O'Connor and his former student Jaclyn Fiola, who is a recipient of a University of Maryland Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar award for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Jaclyn chose Pete as her teacher mentor, and he is joining her today in College Park for the award ceremony. Learn more about the award and what Jaclyn had to say about her great high school mentor here. Thank you for being a great educator, Mr. O.C.!

Important Updates from Dr. Hamilton

County policy states that teachers must take period attendance for all students. If you mark a student absent who was not marked absent prior to your class, Beth Bell will investigate. It is best to keep your absentee bulletin open on your desktop to cross reference, but you will need to regularly refresh your Synergy page.

It has been decided that all signing in and out of students for Warrior Block will remain at 2:15 p.m.

Lunch period disruptions and distractions are decreasing thanks to the hard work of staff. Students are being more closely monitored it the cafeteria, teachers are limiting the pass usage during 4th period and insisting students not cut through the cafeteria on their way to the bathroom or office, rooms are being secured, and the new library procedures are helping to cut down on students leaving the cafeteria. Great work staff! Keep it up!

Field Trip Absolutes

With the field trip season kicking up, a few essential reminders for all those planning:

  • Make certain that Nurse Stitely has a list of all potential field trippers at least 7 days in advance of your trip -- this step is absolutely crucial to your planning!
  • Make certain that Jayne has copies of your permission slips before you leave for your trip -- this step is absolutely crucial!
  • You must have all monies collected and invoices/bills paid at least 1 week prior to your trip!
  • Buses should be arranged 1 month prior to your trip
  • Email a list of all trip-goers to all staff a week prior to your trip
  • It is essential that you contact Beth Bell the morning of your trip with a list of all students who did not actually show up so that she can record and confirm absences. This step is essential!

Failure to follow all proper procedures will result in your having to cancel your trip. Please plan ahead and reach out for help well in advance.

Emerging Lessons from Science about What Really Works in Teaching

Check out this recent article about what the most recent research has to say about teaching practices.
Don't have time to read it right now? Here are some of the highlights:
  • there is little evidence that students have different learning styles
  • instead of having students reread a chapter or their notes to study for a test, research shows that taking a quiz or forcing oneself to recall information is a better practice to cement learning
  • peer tutoring benefits the tutor more than the tutee
  • when we want a student to learn something, have the learners recall what they know and teach someone else instead of sitting with a peer who already gets it
  • avoid teaching one concept at a time, until students have mastered it, before moving on
  • interweave content, returning to key concepts throughout a course
  • alternate practice with different kinds of content rather than practicing one type of problem several times before moving on


Any student who failed MP1 must be offered a Recovery Plan.
Please see this overview and this letter to support your efforts in offering Recovery options.

Don't forget that APEX is an option for you! Please talk with Bobbie if you are interested.


Please click here to nominate a student for Student of the Week for the Valley Citizen!
Don't miss out on improving your practice! WCPS is offering all kinds of professional learning opportunities. Click here to see your options and register.


MON 11/16: Graduation order assembly for 12th graders and graduating 11th grade @ 10:40 am

TUE 11/17: NO COLLABORATIVE CFIP - talk with department leader about any content-based action that might need to occur

WED 11/18: Drug Awareness Assembly 2-3:30 (see details below); Community presentation at 5:30

THU 11/19: Great American Smokeout

Drug Awareness Assembly

Next Wednesday, November 18th, from 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. we will hold a school-wide drug assembly in the large gym. If the assembly concludes earlier than 3:30, students will report back to period 6. No Warrior Block. Follow the modified afternoon assembly schedule below, but please note that 6th period will not run until 2:26 due to the assembly start time AND 6th period may only be 10-15 minutes long, unless the assembly concludes early.

In response to the drug problems that continue to plague our community, we have invited the Wells House, a drug treatment facility in Hagerstown, here to provide drug education and offer advice on how to overcome drug issues.

Later that day, beginning at 5:30 p.m., we will open our doors for the general public to attend a Wells House presentation in the auditorium. Subway will serve light sandwiches and the police department will have drug drop boxes available for people to dispose of unused or expired medications. Then at 6:30 p.m., there will be a guest panel on the stage to allow for a question and answer session.

Again, we will have a school-wide drug education assembly next Wednesday , November 18th from 2 – 3:30, followed by a general public session beginning at 5:30 p.m. in our auditorium. Please help us spread the word about this important event.

Afternoon Assembly Schedule [Modified]

8:45 – 9:31 1st period

9:35 – 10:20 2nd period

10:24 – 11:09 3rd period

11:14 – 11:59 5th period

12:08 – 1:37 4th period

12:03 – 12:33 1st lunch

12:35 – 1:05 2nd lunch

1:07 – 1:37 3rd lunch

1:41 – 2:00 6th period

2 – 3:30 Assembly

If the assembly concludes prior to 3:30, then students and teachers report back to period 6. No Warrior Block.


Friday, Nov 13, 2015
7:00 Varsity Football Regional Play-offs vs. Allegany @BHS

Saturday, Nov 14, 2015
1:30 Varsity Cross Country Championships @Hereford High
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Congratulations Clayton Anders and coaching staff for a perfect regular season! Good luck tonight in the playoffs!

Kudos to Sue Lowery, Jim Root and team, and the secretaries for all their leadership and help in preparing for tonight's play-off game -- your dedication and teamwork have not gone unnoticed!

Thank you Debbie Blackwell and Stephanie Dyer for continuing to build community involvement through our new PTCA!

Thank you Jayne Moore, Kim Brown, Beth Bell, & Viki Byram for your hard work each day to keep us running smooth!

Thank you Starlene Hamilton for your help in increasing opportunities for our students by working a “special project” with me!

Thank you Sarah Hamilton for your extraordinary effort with SGA this year!

Well done Beth Downin & Bobbie Mahaffey for the very informative and productive CFIPs this year! Learning and doing so much!

Kudos to Shawn Cutsail for continued success actively engaging students with various forms of ability! Great job!

Kudos to Pete O'Connor for making such a great impression on one of our FCC future educator visitors! She had this to say: "One teacher that really stood out to me was Mr. O'Connor, he was so funny and seemed to be able to make science fun for his students. They were able to laugh and joke with him, but when it was time to work, the joking stopped and the students really seemed to have a lot of respect for him. I hope that in my teaching career, I can have the same effect on my students that Mr. O'Connor has on his."

Kudos to Alex Weakland for the thoughtful behavioral interventions for her students. You are a great addition to the BHS family!

Thank you Danielle McDonald for being flexible, kind, and hard working.

Thanks Mischelle Colella for orienting freshmen to the Media Center AND offering a really neat option for students who have uncharged devices.

Thanks to Beth Downin for being a sounding board for teachers who are dabbling in unconventional grading shenanigans.

Thank you Ashley Wisner for your help with graduate work.

Thanks to Matt Wink for lending an ear.

Thanks Lauren Clingan for lending supplies.

Great work, Sarah Hamilton! You’re a great SGA advisor!

Thank you to Autumn Stitely, Beth Bell, Jayne Moore, Kim Brown, Emily DeMartino, Garth Fazio, and Dr. Hamilton for their help and support with the theater trip!

Thank you to Dawn Spitzer for always being willing to help colleagues and students.

Thank you Katie Rice for an impromptu standards based grading chat session!

Thank you Lauren Clingan for pulling together Poetry Out Loud.

Kudos to everyone who participated in the Red, White and Blue days and Jeans for Troops. You stand as a positive example for your students whether they realize it yet or not.

Kudos to Coach Anders, Coach Wadel and Coach Cutsail (and the rest of the coaches on the Football and Cross Country Staffs) for their efforts this week to once again prepare their teams for victory this weekend. Good Luck!!!

Kudos to all of the off-season Teacher-Coaches who are already putting in the extra hours for sports conditionings. The preparations will pay off!

Kudos to Kim, Jayne, Viki and Beth for continuing to keep us all together, informed, and happy…well, at least you try to do the last one!

Kudos to Beth Downin for sharing her resource books. Gifts and chocolate are always welcome at CFIP!

Kudos to Chris Baran for his Gettysburg ghost stories at lunch

Kudos to Starlene Hamilton for her excellent work with D.O. students

Kudos to Adam Parry for his professionalism

Kudos to Coach Anders and Coach Wadel for an excellent season so far...

A very big Kudos to Beth for being awesome and supportive every single day!

Kudos to Mr. Wink for being awesome and supportive during parent meetings It means a lot!!

Kudos to Connie, Rebecca, and Bethanne for their awesome ideas for a jigsaw activity for my ICP darlings!

Kudos to Jodi for being there when I'm not all the way there.

Kudos to Amy Taylor for accommodating all the Seniors who turned in November 1st deadline stuff with a day's notice!

Kudos to Sue Lowery for all her work getting ready for the playoff game.

Kudos to the counseling staff for handling drama and trauma on a daily basis.

Kudos to Cindy Ours for working hard with NHS.

Kudos to Sherry for handling difficult situations with grace and composure.

Thanks to Sharon Hoppes, Renee Kauffman, Stephanie Dyer, and Lauren Clingan for supporting a colleague in an out-of-school theatrical event.

Thanks to Sally Poole for supporting the French Quebec trip fundraiser.

Thank you to Cindy Ours for volunteering to cover lunch duty on Friday the 13th!

Thank you to Katie Rice, Dawn Spitzer, Justin Bright, Kelly Steiner, and Amy Clayton for courageously trying new methods for the benefit of students!

Kudos to CA for a great year of football! Keep it going!!

Kudos to Coach Cutsail & Coach Walter and all our cross country team members!

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