Mrs. Moy's PAP 6th Math

Math Matters! December 3rd, 2015

Class News! Test Friday!

We have been working hard on ratios, unit rates, proportions, measurements and word problems the last few weeks and we will have a test on Friday. Due to the short amount of time before the semester exams, if you fail this test, the tutorials will begin Tuesday, Dec. 8th at 7:30 am or 3:30 pm and Wednesday, Dec. 9th, same time. The re-test will be Thursday, December 10th. You may NOT re-test if you do not come to tutorials.

Next week, we will explore percents and relate percents to real world situations and how they can be useful. We will also begin to review for the semester exam at the end of next week.

Please remind your child to have their supplies for class. There are students who come to class without pencils, paper, etc.