The Hate List

By: Jennifer Brown

The Hate List Summary

The story starts off with a loser guy named Nick Levil. Nick and his girlfriend, Valerie put together all the people they hate and call it their "hate list." Nick ends up shooting most of the people on the hate list and a few extras that he injured or didn't mean to shoot. Valerie then becomes instantly popular because everyone thinks that if Valerie doesn't hate them they won't get killed. She helps with the student council meeting and feels like she really has a friend. Does Valerie have a true friend or is this all just a big misunderstanding?


Valerie lives in Kansas City, Kansas. This story mainly takes place in a small town school which becomes a big problem.


  • In this story the protagonist is Valerie. Valerie is stuck with the blame of Nick killing everyone. She tries to be friends with the popular people.
  • In this story the antagonist is Nick. Nick kills all the people to start all of the drama.
  • Jessica is the popular person that Valerie hangs out with through out the book.
  • Dr. Hieler is a therapist who helps fix all of Valerie's problems.

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Personal Recommendation

I think that The Hate List is one of the best books I have ever read. The Hate List is a great book for young adults. It teaches you how to react in tough situations like Valerie had. The Hate List shows that you even if you think you know someone you truly don't. I highly suggest you should read this book.

All About Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown grew up in Kansas City but is recently living in Missouri. Brown says she likes taking long road trips and loves the great outdoors. Even as a kid Brown was telling stories to her plastic dolls and stuffed animals. Jennifer Brown also writes comedies but at times she can also be very serious with her books. Jennifer had heard of school shootings before and thought that would be perfect to write a story about.