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December 11, 2015

Officer Buckle, Gloria, and a Writing Celebration

A favorite enjoyable book of ours, Officer Buckle and Gloria, was a great read this week as the last story in our 2.1 reader! The main characters work well together until Officer Buckle discovers that Gloria is being goofy during their presentations. His feelings are hurt and suddenly the safety presentations they are a part of become boring. Friends find a way to work things out and that is what these two characters do. We had a close read discussion about character traits and used some great picture clues to 'read' into our character's actions!

I am so proud of the campers! My heart is bursting! We have completed our unit on opinion writing and what great writing they created! We invited Mrs. Patterson to our room and each camper choose their favorite price to read to the class. The also decorated their opinion envelope and carefully stored their writing inside! Include as well are their beginning and ending writing prompts. They were so excited and proud to present their writing and have become opinion experts! Look for their envelop this coming week! Check out their readings on SeeSaw!

Check out your camper's SeeSaw portfolio! We have new items added!

All About Math

Unit 3 Assessment and Multiplication

Great work was done by the campers on their Unit 3 assessment! We had a quick recheck the day after the assessment to take a closer look at measuring by the 1/2 inch and centimeter. Sometimes measuring to the nearest 1/2 inch or centimeter may give a measurement of a whole inch or centimeter. We broke the units into halves to see how this looked. It is not a mastery skill but one we will continue to work with!

Unit 4 has begun and so has the thinking about multiplication! Yahoo! Many campers have already been working with or been digging into multiplication and have some great strategies! We took at look at repeated addition, arrays, and how to read a multiplication problem. We also checked into the commutative property, counting patterns, and the two super numbers of multiplication: 0 and 1!

Look for triangle flash cards in your campers pouch this week. We will have two fact mastery practices going on at a time as we are still working on subtraction as well. Campers can practice both on the EM website as well as with Math Magician.

Here is the link to Kakooma, Math Magician, and Geoboards. Kakooma Math Magician Geoboards with area/ perimeter

Everyday Math website for great practice in fact fluency and math skills. Usernames and passwords are inside your camper's binder.

Congratulations Corner

Lots to celebrate this week!

*Cougar Crew Member: Emma F. was our respect expert this week!

*Our class was picked to 'ring the bells' for our Holiday program!

*Blake W. has logged the top number of Book It reading minutes in our classroom so far!

📅For Your Calendar

Christmas Program: Wednesday the 16th @ 6:00pm

Caroling in the Gym: Friday, the 18th @ 1:30 pm

Holiday Parties: Friday, the 18th @ 2:15 pm