February 19, 2016

Next Week & Beyond

Monday, February 22nd

Tuesday, February 23rd

  • 3rd gr Tobacco program at 10:30 am in the Library

Wednesday, February 24th

Thursday, February 25th

  • Papa John's Night

    BAM- Email Whitney to be added to the list

Friday, February 26th

  • Character Ed assembly at 9

3/1- Tech support at South for teachers

  • They can help with hardware, software, systems, accounts or even functionality and user support for all things related to district supplied technology.
    • This includes:
      • iPads
      • Computers
      • Google Drive, Email and all other Google apps
      • SMART Notebook and SMART Boards
      • Sound
      • Document cameras
      • Instructional Technology Support
      • District accounts (Or reference to the correct contact person if outside our department.)

3/2- PBS team members site visit in Moberly

3/3- Tornado Drill at 2:45

3/4- PD day!

Attendance Matters! Please focus and stress this in your classrooms. If you have individual student concerns, come see me! This will take a total TEAM effort!

Little Big Stuff!

  • Please look at your website and make sure it is up to date! Make sure your information and schedule reflect what is happening with your learners.
  • Remember to log your exercise activity in ActivTrax.
  • Make sure you read the SRI book and sign off in the Library.

Infinite Campus

*Be sure to update your grades in Infinite Campus by Tuesday of each week. This allows the weekend for any catch up with grading and entry into IC. Remember, we can assess student progress through observation and discussion, in addition to projects and specific tasks/assessments.

Character Trait- Honesty

Health Screenings

It is that time of year again! We are excited to offer Health Screens to everyone that partakes in the JCPS Health Insurance. We offer the Health Screens as an added benefit to each of you. It is a great way to monitor your results from year to year, plus it puts money back in your pocketbook! By participating in the health screens you receive a $30 premium reduction each month! That totals $360 in savings a year!

The Health Screens will be held each day at the Dix Road Education Center on the following days:

March 22

March 23

March 24

March 30

To register please use the following link from CRMC


A couple of notes about the screens:

1. If you choose to go to your private physician, please use the attached form and have it faxed to UMR at the number given.

2. Cotenine test- This test will be offered again if you wish to earn 100 points for being Tobacco-free. If you go to your private physician, this test will need to be done at the screens. Everyone will be asked if they wish to have this test and everyone will have to respond yes or no. It is 100% optional.

3. InBody and Waist-to-Hip ratio will also be taken again. Please know that you will have to take shoes and socks off for the InBody assessment.

4. Please print the waivers that are to be completed and bring them with you. This will help to speed up the process.

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Donuts with Dad!

Today was our BEST EVER Donuts with Dad! Thanks to everyone for chipping in and making it so successful. I loved seeing so many families with smiles on their faces! The Jays football players did an awesome job visiting with the kids in the cafeteria. They made a HUGE difference!

We Are...South School

We build each other up and we give HOPE to our students for a better tomorrow. Do we make a difference? YOU BET! #Everyday