The Phillipines

Maybe you Should Be in the city of Relaxing family time and other fun things We have to offer! here in The Philippines We are a tropical place! we have hot weather so you can have fun in the SUN! tanning swimming and just sitting by the Pool Meeting new people! or maybe your here for business and wont to invest in company's here we have grate modern city's If u where you I'd BE Packing my bags RIGHT! now to come to the grate Country of the philippines

The History and culture of the philippines

Little bit about our history

We are believe to Have came here About 30,000! years ago that's Older than me, IN the philippines We Speak Spanish,English& Filipino Are Main Religion is Roman Catholic Maybe you Could come down to a church if you Have the Same religion or if you wont to hear more about this religion or just get closer to go the Philippines is the place to go!

And maybe you from the United States of America We used to be american land in world war 2 but by the end of it we broke off back to our own land if you wont all of the amazing stuff you have just been told you could come down to the Philippines