Sugar Colonies are better!

Come migrate to our colonies today!

Take a look at our luxurious buildings we have in our colonies!

As you can see here, we are a very well developing society!!

We have lots of sugar!

Sugar was much in demand for European countries, where it was used as medicine, a spice, a sweetener, a preservative and in sculptured forms as a deceleration that indicated high status

We have lots of beautiful women who will make you go crazyyyyyy!!

Women have really migrated to our colonies...
Our production involves growing sugar cane and processing it into usable sugar, we are very hard working unlike colonies in north american colonies

Some Frequently asked questions...

Do you have anything other than sugar?

How else do you guys make money?

What is your sugar used for?

Every kind of race is allowed here!

No matter your race, come take a look.