New York Moments

The murder of Mrs. Thorwald


Like many born reporters i always could smell trouble, even when you couldn't hear it. late one night after moving in and the new neighbor in the complex, in the rare occurrence of a silent night no party above me in the music writers home, no music playing anywhere, there was a loud crash!, and a high pitched scream. some people looked out to see only dark windows and no one in the courtyard. suddenly there was a person missing from the complex. not just anyone but it was Mrs. Thorwald wife to Lars Thorwald, whom later will be outed as a frequent abusive husband and violent criminal. it took months to get enough evidence on Thorwald to turn him in luckily there were other eye witnesses who claimed to see him with a saw and an ax, along with other suspicious behavior such as smuggling his wife's jewelry and giving false stories that the investigators easily poked holes into. After Lisa Carol turned in a wedding band she had found, that any happily married women would never remove, police had a search warrant for Thorwald's apartment, but found him on the move trying to kill the injured photographer L.B Jefferies . after Thorwald being looked up police found a journal documenting different places all throughout New York where pieces of his late wife were buried which from then they all have been recovered in and evidence lab and have been cremated and returned to Mrs. Thorwald's family. small traces of blood have been found in the apartment's bathroom, along with many scrapes in the walls paint. His reasoning behind killing his wife? well police found letters from a young wealthy woman in Germany and long distance calls made from the apartment on a bill left on the kitchen counter. along with a plane ticket to Belgium in a suit case also containing may fine diamonds that belonged to Mrs. Thorwald. Thorwald confessed to the murder he described throwing a potted plat at her, after refusing to file divorce papers, and hitting the wall. He beat and strangled her until she lost consciousness losing blood quickly he believed her to be dead.he cut up the body and scattered the pieces across New York. detectives are still trying to rule out the option that she was still alive while he dismembered her. He has says he will plead guilty his first trial is set to be in early July until then he is kept in jail under sevailence

Symbolism int the characters

it seems like every window Jeff looks into represents one of his fears. he doesn't want to be chained down to a nagging wife like the thorwalds. or "Mr. lonelyheart" he doesn't want to see Lisa like miss.torso. but he also doesn't want to be stuck in a relationship with a dog. sleeping on the fire escape. Jeffires wants to keep everything "status quo"