Georgia Colony

Travel to Georgia and become a pioneer in the New World!

Join the best colony in the new world.

Georgia's main city is Savannah, the hub of religious freedom. Georgia has rich, hilly, swampy, farmland and is right by the Pacific Ocean. If you're looking for an agricultural experience, Georgia is the place for you!

We have the most delicious food, wonderful weather conditions, and beautiful landsacpes!

Our dominant agricultural background influences our types of food and the entertainment we have. In Georgia you will find many great rice dishes. You might even find a sugarcane vendor on the street! If you are looking for entertainment, you could go to a local barn raising. If you want to relax, you could go to one of our various beaches, roll up your breeches, and relax in the sand. If you would like to hunt or go camping, Georgia has many forests and trees with different kinds of wild game.

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun.

Religious Freedom

If you come to Georgia and want to practice your religion, feel free to do just that. We won't stop you. Almost every religion* is welcome here in Georgia!

*except Roman Catholics, you will be arrested

James Oglethorpe

Member of Parliament and founder of Georgia. Contact me for more details using the information below.